Product Fulfillment

Best Intentions

If you have a religious background, you’ve probably read up on temptation. While it’s a compelling feeling, it’s also what many claim drives people to do bad things, and the results are often dangerous, criminal, or both.

Religion aside, it’s worthwhile to consider temptation from a professional perspective. We’ve often seen cases of successful businesspersons who either made a bad choice or attempted some terrible scheme, only to find themselves ruined and humiliated.

We often say that these things will never happen to us, but they do. You can have the best intentions with your own business, but be led astray without knowing it; this might be considered temptation, but the result can be equally devastating. Failure to stay on the straight and narrow, no matter your intentions, can cause your business to falter and get you in trouble with the law.

Even if you’re a product fulfillment pro, you have to consider how to keep your business honest—while not hard, it’s a matter of necessity. There are several angles to cover.

Lean, Mean, and Clean

Working in fulfillment outsourcing for your product fulfillment business means dealing with a lot of people—and that includes yourself. You have to carry your business in the most professional and legal manner possible.

This means starting with basic legal practices. You should make sure your business is registered with the local government, that you file your taxes, and that you pay all bills relating to your business. This sounds like a no-brainer, but there are pros who think themselves gangsters and don’t pay their suppliers and/or try to avoid paying taxes. This never works, and you’ll pay for it eventually.

Shipping fulfillment legalities are crucial, especially for product fulfillment pros. Knowing where you are sending your materials, how big your containers must be, and other customs regulations is necessary; some pros retain a lawyer or consultant for this, and that is a worthwhile option if you can afford it. However, you can save money by learning to do it yourself through research or advice from your local business office.

Pressure Drop

It’s never good to think the worst of others; most folks are good people, and even in professional circles, everyone just wants to do honest business. However, you might find yourself getting pressured by others to do bad things or work with someone dishonest. If you’re being pressured to do things that you think are professionally questionable, do some detective work. For example, if you deal in pick-and-pack fulfillment, see if your associates are getting the right products from the right places, or if another merchandise fulfillment firm wants you to deal in international products that could be contraband, save yourself the headache by breaking off ties.

Sometimes, people operate blindly and get into trouble. This happens to product fulfillment pros dealing in e-commerce fulfillment because they only perform business online and never meet the other party. Remember that if something feels odd, it’s always worth investigating. A good product fulfillment business is a legit one, and you save yourself money, time, and even a trip to jail by keeping on the straight and narrow.

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