APSFulfillment-06-28-13When you ask a lot of today’s professionals about “mail,” the word doesn’t conjure up many positive thoughts. And that’s understandable. Some of these pros have seen their mail never reach their destinations, and with so much digital technology today, mail is seen by some as a last-resort, antiquated communication process.

But what many pros forget is that the mail, like a lot of things, has hugely adapted. With the changing times have come changing service trends that exist to help make today’s pros get the right deals they deserve. The mail is no different—mail services have seen these changes, too.

In product fulfillment, you’re going to need a mailing service. Like it or not, mailing is a necessary part of what you do. With all of your catalog and brochure mailing, product shipping and billing or invoicing processes, the mail has to be on guard for you.

The good news is that there are a lot different mailing services you can take advantage of today that can really help your business—you have options on how to send it, how much you want to pay, what services you want to use, and even how you can package your material. The old postal services of trucks and door-to-door carriers in hiking boots and shorts are no longer the images of mailing for product fulfillment today. The old post just came into the new age.

Options for You

In order to get the right mailing services for your product fulfillment, you should scout around. This includes checking out your local public postal office to see what’s offered there—the mailing options that you can take advantage of for your product fulfillment business are numerous.

A lot of postal services offer all kinds of material to do your product shipping. This includes wrapping, packaging, specialty envelopes, and boxes. You’ve probably got a lot of this material in house, but it’s good to know what’s available at the post office to help you in a pinch. What’s more important is the number of shipping options you have. Most mail services today have a menu of how you can ship materials in terms of speed and cost—including often having their own courier services. As you can tell from all of this information, the post office is very well suited for today’s product fulfillment pros.

Heading over to the private sector means more options, too. A lot of digital printing and mailing services are available today. They can produce the right sort of mail materials you need and ship them out for you, often at a good cost for high volume mailings. For rush deliveries, consider the courier route. In most urban areas, there are plenty that use bicycle, bus, cube van, or flight services to courier your material at pronto speed. Obviously, there’s a slightly heavier fee for these services, but they are good to keep on speed dial in case of emergencies.

Repeat the Process

The shipping and mailing services you use for product fulfillment will be long-term business relationships. You’re going to have to figure out which mailing services you will need for product shipping and all other post-related matters. Therefore, you might want to see what contract or business relation options are available. Several product fulfillment businesses stick with one courier company, and have that courier services come to their door every day.

With mailing and product fulfillment, it’s all about having the right processes on-hand and repeatedly using them to deliver your clients what they want from you. There are many great mailing advantages today, so take the time to seek out the best ones for your business. You’ll always get the mail out correctly if you do.

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