APSFulfillment-07-02-13If you work, you know that you’ve got big jobs over smaller jobs to get done. And if you’re in business for yourself, you really have to prioritize all the jobs, big and small, on your own. However, if you’re operating your own product fulfillment business—pretty much every job is a big job.

There’s no real way around it: in product fulfillment, you have a lot on your plate and it all has to be dealt with accordingly. Whether you’re doing product shipping or even printing off a brochure or two, there’s a lot of work involved.

But the work has to get done and—best of all—it’s your job to get it done. As a product fulfillment professional, you have the power to take the jobs into the palm of your hand, get them organized, and build yourself a business that thrives on handling the big jobs properly the way no other product fulfillment business could.

As the words “product fulfillment” suggest, you’re probably going to accumulate a lot of product and fulfill your customers’ requests of getting those products out to them. Your services are multi-faceted and complex, but appreciated by the public you serve. Rising to meet their needs by both anticipating and executing the big jobs can put you into the product fulfillment vanguard like no other business out there.

No Regrets

Delivering great product fulfillment services means making organization key. Your business has to be finely tuned, and you are the micro-manager who is ensuring that everything is done right and on time.

Sitting down and itemizing your duties is a good way to get going at the initial organizing point in your product fulfillment business. Be sure to consider the preliminary jobs—i.e., literature fulfillment to get the word out about your business—before moving onto the actual jobs of your product fulfillment business, like order processing and product shipping. It’s important that you consider all of the jobs in your business from start to finish as if you were building a house. From the foundation to the last roof shingle, you have to be on the ball all of the time to make sure everything is done right.

It’s odd that so many pros often regret what they didn’t do—if you ever wanted a business mantra for yourself, make it the opposite of that. Getting everything done the right way will leave you with no regrets—you will have the professional satisfaction that you got it all done and to your product fulfillment clients’ liking each time.

What’s on Hand

As an extension of the above, part of your product fulfillment business’ success in terms of proper management has as much to do with day-to-day management than anything else. Note the regular jobs you have to do, and stay on top of them. Things like scheduled catalog and brochure mailings for new product information about your business to proper inventory management of your stock will ensure that your regular jobs get done and your clients will always get proper satisfaction from your services.

In the corporate world, micro-management is a term that has negative connotations, and usually draws images of the imposing, devil-like boss watching over the workers’ every move, chastising them regularly and seldom rewarding them. But in product fulfillment, micro-management can actually be a good method of self-management. You can be your own boss, make sure everything pertaining to your business is done to completion in the most correct fashion, and maintain a great reputation for your business all of the time. Micro-managing is a great skill for self-checking and meeting goals for delivering great services on which clients will come to depend.

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