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Not So Alone

There’s no denying that product fulfillment is, to say the least, a fairly electric business to be in. Whether you’re doing product supply or packaging up products to be sent to clients, it’s fairly busy. You don’t have much time to get bored, and even less time to get lonely.

But in a certain professional sense, there is a certain amount of loneliness in product fulfillment. With all of your busy day-to-day work, you tend to get separated from others, be they other pros or even your clients (in terms of what their needs are). There’s no shame in this, as every pro works in their own way, but it can have some unpleasant business ramifications.

When you work in product fulfillment, you have to stay in touch with others, whether you like it or not. Even the most basic human interaction can create opportunities in places that you least expect them. It also allows you to flex some business muscles in education and communication that you can’t do otherwise. The only trouble is getting the opportunity to meet others in your profession.

One good way to make good business contacts in product fulfillment is industry conventions. By attending a product fulfillment or related industry convention of pros that work in similar capacities as you, you can make great connections. You can make your business better and stay in the loop regarding industry trends as well.

What to Find and Bring

There are a lot of conventions out there. You don’t have to go to all of them, but you have to go to the right ones and be prepared when you do.

Making notes of conventions that have services related to product fulfillment are important, especially these days, with so many hot new digital tools. Lettershop services and transportation logistics have new digital applications and methods for product fulfillment practices, amongst others, so it’s worthwhile to check out the new possibilities for your business. More importantly, there are new online fulfillment service techniques, such as online product ordering and shipping services, that are almost necessary to be up on, which you can do by just spending a few good hours at the convention center.

When you go to a convention, keep your eyes open, but keep some of your own material on hand: business cards, promo samples, and package material that best represent your business are worth keeping in your briefcase. A few extra dollars and the preparation to take a possible connection out to lunch are helpful as well; nothing can make a great connection better than good chat over the best dinner buffet in town!

Linking Together

A quick tip: the location for conventions is important. Banking in New York, entertainment-related industries in Los Angeles, oil and petroleum in Bismarck or Calgary…you get the idea. A good place to scope out product fulfillment-related conventions is in Florida. Everything from mail fulfillment in Florida to large fulfillment centers in Florida, they’re all there in abundance. And they love to get together to bounce ideas of each other and build their business ranks in the most fun situation they possibly can—and you can be part of this all, too!

In fact, that’s the best part of product fulfillment-related conventions: it’s all about getting together under fast-paced but fun environments to exchange information and link together everyone’s skills to help create success for as many people as possible. If the conventional wisdom is that you cannot combine business and pleasure, then product fulfillment conventions can change that philosophy pretty quickly. It’s an advantage for both you and your business.

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