There are those businesses that need help, but there are also those organizations that actually provide help to the public. The non-profit sector of today’s world is vital, yet sometimes neglected in terms of promotion or professional assistance. With a diverse client range, APS Fulfillment, Inc. (APS) is also proud to count non-profit organizations as part of our regular service provisions.

A non-profit organization’s job of creating awareness and assisting the public requires care and precision. High-quality documentation and services to successfully execute those jobs are always necessary; with this in mind, APS has integrated the best printing, matched mailing, catalog production, and direct marketing services, all at low costs, specific to non-profit professionals.

APS also offers bonus awareness and fundraising solutions for non-profit organizations operating today. Our team of non-profit pros understands non-profit data and can customize it to better your non-profit campaigns while offering programs to accurately record donation information. With price-conscious programs in place and a strong foundation in today’s non-profit sectors, APS can take your non-profit campaign to the next level of success when it comes to public awareness.