supply chain companiesIn product fulfillment, there is a lot to organize: client records, product inventory, and staff information, just to name a few. Thankfully, the process has been simplified thanks to the digital revolution, now having digitized accounting and creative direct marketing programs to make our jobs easier.

As a result, many in product fulfillment are turning to coding technology as a way to simplify their jobs further. If you’re unsure as to what coding is, think of when the barcode is scanned when making a purchase. That said, the new coding for businesses is a tad different and requires some additional knowledge before being implemented into a business.


As noted above, most retails use coding in the form of unique purchase codes (UPC). But in product fulfillment, most businesses are now turning to the more modern data matrix codes. You might have seen these on posters or billboards as those little black boxes on the bottom of the ad that you can scan with your phone; these are called quick response (QR) codes.

Many business sectors, including both online and offline retail, have introduced these codes into their businesses. However, those in product fulfillment can benefit from them as well. Coding is especially useful for supply chain companies, as well as those working in both warehousing and fulfillment. Two-dimensional coding is simple to use, can store a ton of data, and is easily transported using current storage technology. It’s also great for logistics management, letting you track products’ location and if clients have received them; many couriers, including UPS, use coding for these purposes.


When businesses place QR codes on ads, those codes often contain promos that serve to generate further business. Product fulfillment businesses can do the same; if you’ve already got ads for your business in trade magazines or include brochures with clients’ packages, include a few promos of your own using 2D coding; think of it as the modern version of a mail-in sweepstakes.

Modern coding offers too many advantages to businesses today. By being up-to-date and organized through your use of coding, you stand to have a more proficient—and profitable—product fulfillment business.

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