Outsourcing Literature FulfillmentLiterature fulfillment, also known as print fulfillment, is when printed materials are stored, packaged, and delivered. This can include materials such as catalogs, postcards, sales packets, and flyers, or delivering orders for books or manuals. When properly executed, literature fulfillment can be a benefit to many businesses hoping to reach out to new or existing customers. However, it is also time-consuming and rarely a priority activity among companies. This is why shipping firms are perfect for literature fulfillment outsourcing. Regardless of whether your business plans on prolonged or one-time literature fulfillment, outsourcing should be considered.​

Saving Time

Preparing literature for distribution is often a time-consuming task for your employees to perform. Whether it is simply putting notices in envelopes or organizing flyers, the fact is that performing literature fulfillment in-house, especially for smaller companies, often means taking employees away from working on your core business.

Outsourcing literature fulfillment lets you benefit from an outside company’s specialized facilities. A proper fulfillment center is designed to allow for efficient processing, packaging, and distribution of materials in concert with a dedicated staff. This enables an outsourced firm to perform literature fulfillment faster than your employees would, and frees your own workers to focus on their main business tasks.​

Saving Space

Boxes of print material are, quite frankly, heavy and unwieldy and smaller companies are going to have trouble finding a place to store them; after all, most businesses don’t have a warehouse. Any reputable shipping firm, however, does. By outsourcing your literature fulfillment, your materials can be stored in the firm’s warehouse storage space. This not only lets you eliminate present space concerns, but if you ever choose to expand the inventory, it’s simply a matter of leasing additional warehouse space. The inverse is also true, since scaling down your literature fulfillment activities allows you to simply change the size of the rented area.

Saving Money

It is easy to think that performing something in-house is less expensive than contracting or outsourcing, but this is not always the case. In addition to the large upfront costs needed to establish a proper literature fulfillment system, there are the additional expenses that will come from diverting employees from their normal workflow, along with liability and maintenance matters to consider. By outsourcing literature fulfillment, you benefit from a company’s already existing infrastructure and internal problem solving methods without needing to front the funds to implement your own.

By outsourcing your literature fulfillment operations, your company benefits from more affordable ways of getting materials to customers without redirecting employees from tasks more meaningful to your business or without scrambling for space. APS Fulfillment, Inc. has extensive experience in all forms of shipping and e-commerce fulfillment and can explain how outsourcing literature fulfillment provides immense benefit in terms of time, space, and money. For more information, contact APS Fulfillment, Inc. today.