Motor, tires, doors: those are the makings of a car. Foundation, walls, roof: you’ve essentially got a house. Drinks, snacks, music: it’s time to party. In life, it’s all about getting the right materials together and assembling them into something great. Often, the problem is getting the right combination of those things together in the first place.

In product fulfillment, you know you have to assemble the right combinations together to attract clients and deliver the product. And you especially know this if you’re putting together high-volume mailings or packages for clients and marketing, because you’ve got to handle big combos of business material. In the end, it can be frustrating trying to put it all together correctly.

If it gets too crazy for you, get APS Fulfillment, Inc. (APS) to help. A great team of top kitting and assembly Florida-based professionals with years of experience, APS can take care of all of your high-volume material matters. At APS, we can put it all together for you and your business.

Kitting and assembly for high-volume product material requires the right expertise and product fulfillment savvy that not all product fulfillment companies, despite their claims, really have. There are all kinds of materials to properly select and compile, such as premiums, order forms, envelopes, catalogs, and special membership information. In theory, it all seems so easy to put all of this together and then just send it out to the public, but in today’s highly competitive marketplace, high-volume kitting and assembly is a hard skill to master in order to really generate the interest of the public, based on the packaged material they receive.

APS has that covered.

As a major player in the kitting and assembly marketing community in Florida, we know everything from inserts to premiums, and how to package it correctly so that it meets clients’ needs in today’s marketing world, both in our locale and in yours. We have the facilities to put it all together so it meets market standards of an attractive mailing package. And we even know what to do with it after that.

Beyond our position in the kitting and assembly product fulfillment community in Florida, APS has other services to handle your high-volume business material before and after it’s put together. We offer the best possible product fulfillment services with real pros looking after your high-volume material, as well as content printing, packaging, and mailing services on top of that. At APS, we recognize the importance of your high-volume product fulfillment material and how much care needs to be put into it, so we handle it all with the highest level of professionalism in the business.