A Rough Guide to M-CommerceNot even Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, could have imagined today’s technology. It seems all members of society now have the cool gizmos that Mr. Bond would have once used to save the world. Seemingly everything is now available in the palm of your hand.

This is the primary aspect of the newest form of online business: mobile commerce, or “m-commerce,” wherein people make purchases on their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. If you have been having issues with e-commerce fulfillment and you’re concerned the addition of m-commerce will only make things more difficult, don’t worry; it’s not that hard to incorporate.

Mobile’s First Steps

Laying out an m-commerce system isn’t much different from e-commerce order fulfillment; you just have to address how people will get your products via their mobile devices. First and foremost is the access portal clients will need to do that; you can provide one by developing a mobile application to accommodate it, perhaps with the logo of your business as the touch icon that begins the order process. Just don’t forget that any apps you create and use need to work across all mobile devices.

Next comes implementing your digital fulfillment center in the proper format; this may require redeveloping your online materials so the display appears and processes properly on mobile devices. Also make sure that your mobile payment processes are as secure for your mobile options as they are for your desktop ones.


Successful m-commerce also involves advertising campaigns, clients having access to logistics to track their shipments from their mobile device, and a way to contact your fulfillment center if something goes wrong.

However, make sure everything is in order before launching your m-commerce services. Check with both your supply chain companies and logistics company in advance to ensure that they have the mobile savvy to meet the predicted demand.

Many businesses still lack the necessary knowledge to compete in the mobile revolution, and it’s vital to make sure that your partners aren’t one of them—because if they are, you likely will be too.

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