Power of Instagram for Fulfillment CompaniesWhile Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn might be your business’ preferred social media web sites, there’s one you might be overlooking: Instagram.

Instagram might seem like just a photo-friendly web site for teenagers, but for product fulfillment companies, it has true business potential. Here is some information and tips for using Instagram effectively for your company:

1.  Why Instagram?

Product fulfillment is about showing off your wares to the public, and since Instagram is a graphic-based social media site, it’s a perfect creative direct marketing outlet. Moreover, Instagram was made for mobile devices; therefore, it’s tailor-made for today’s e-fulfillment services, as a large portion of e-commerce order fulfillment is now done via mobile devices.

2.  Getting Started

When signing up and creating an account and profile, make sure to note that you start from your smartphone via the App Store, Google Play, or your phone’s equivalent, not a computer. Once that’s done, you can manage the account from there or the Instagram online site; however, you can only update the image files from your phone.

From there, you edit and add photos to your account via the Instagram camera function. You also need to add hashtags to the photos to identify them. While hashtags started with Twitter, they are a key component of Instagram, as they help you label your photos so clients can find them and you can identify them for the sake of fulfillment orders; make sure to use short words and phrases. Keep the tag words specific to your niche market and audience and related to your business and its products.

3.  Following Through

The objective with Instagram, like other social media sites, is to build a network of clients. This is done by integrating your Instagram account with your business’ web site. You can create a link between the two via RSS feeds using hashtags and links to your blogs. Be sure to keep tabs on the client traffic to your Instagram materials with a statistics program as well; this way, you can see what images and trends are proving the most successful.

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