e-commerce return policy

e-commerce return policyAs an e-commerce retailer, there are certain things that you should be thinking about more often than a physical store would—and establishing the best e-commerce return policy is one of them. While it’s difficult for retailers to gain the trust of first-time customers, it’s even harder for online retailers. Consumers are exceedingly cautious especially when shopping online, and are extremely weary of inconsistencies or policies they aren’t completely comfortable with. Having a product return policy that makes customers comfortable will make it easier for first-time buyers to give your e-commerce company a chance. However, this isn’t the only reason you should have a clear e-commerce return policy. If you want to learn more about why this could be an integral part of running a successful online business, keep on reading.

Why a Good Return Policy Is Important for e-Commerce Businesses

Increase Sales & ROI

Customers will be weary about buying from a new retailer they haven’t bought from before if the company can’t guarantee a full return. Everyone’s heard stories of people getting scammed online, so it’s not unusual for buyers to check out all their options should their product or service not meet their expectations once they’ve bought it. You’ve invested a lot in starting your business and getting it up and running, so you’ll want to see a return on your investment—and offering free returns is one way to do that, since you’ll be able to attract more customers.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

While a good return policy can attract new customers, it’s also important to note that it’ll help satisfy customers and retain them, too. Research done by UPS and ComScore found that a whopping 53% of customers were satisfied when e-commerce retailers had a transparent return policy. The more customers are comfortable and confident in your return policy, the more likely they are to go through with checking out that full shopping cart—and the majority of the time, they just want the peace of mind and rarely end up returning anything if your products are as advertised.

Helps with Branding

A reliable return policy that customer can be confident with will aid in the development of your brand’s positive reputation. You never want to become known as the sketchy online company that can only be trusted part of the time; consumers have powerful platforms to share their opinions and thoughts on, and once you have a bad reputation, it can be difficult to shed. Keep customer happy and promote a positive image by having a reliable return policy that consumers can depend on.

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