E-commerce FulfillmentWhile cash and checks may still be viable options, if you’re working in fulfillment, you have to employ the best payment tools and options available.

You want to make sure you get paid in the most safe and secure fashion possible, but you also want to give your clients the best means of paying you. Customers appreciate having easy payment interfaces and will be more likely to use your fulfillment company again if they have that kind of flexibility. Below explains how to have options that are secure, easy, and quick.


The prevalence of e-commerce has ushered in a multitude of payment programs. There are many payment software packages and digital outlets available, the most prevalent being PayPal. But some have more specific means of payment processing for companies that sell online; those are the ones you want to look into.

A quick online search can reveal a lot of the more popular means of payment processing, such as Shopify. Using such a site or program is pretty simple: you create an account, list products and prices, and then compile the shopping cart information for customers.


If you are seeking a means of processing payments, shop around first. Some have more specific functions that your business may not necessarily need, such as international payment processing or business-to-business transactions. These can be used to make overseas commerce easier.

Also look into the programs with app creation features. With m-commerce taking off and everything from direct marketing to ad optimization going the route of mobile, you need to ensure that your payment program is accessible on mobile devices. This will let customers buy what they want, when they want, and will also see you get paid quicker.

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