Entering the Future of Product Fulfillment

Acceptance and Defeat

Business practices have changed since the turn of the millennium, and they’ll continue to change in the coming years. Many analysts note the employment forecasts, and how some jobs are dying off due to changes in modern technology and economic practices.

When you read such information, it’s hard to say what’s true and what’s just perceived negativity. No one can predict the future and what opportunities will be available in the coming years. Worse, some people are making predictions that simply are nowhere close to the truth.

Those working in product fulfillment have to face changes over time. The business maintains its old systems of direct mail and product ordering, but also incorporates new-school techniques, like digital printing solutions. This combination of new and old often leaves many confused regarding what direction to take their business in.

It needs to be understood that product fulfillment is bound to change over time if it’s going to survive. Accepting new techniques based on new technology or practices is just another way to keep the business running, and shouldn’t be viewed as a defeat of the old ways, but as an improvement.

Writing on the Wall

Like a lot of other industries, the writing is on the wall for future changes in product fulfillment. The major change that everyone in product fulfillment needs to consider is an e-fulfillment service—something that requires understanding and a serious effort to implement.

An e-fulfillment service is something created for today’s consumers. There are more consumer activities online than ever before. In countries like South Korea, everything from groceries to perfume to school texts can be ordered online. Now your product fulfillment business doesn’t have to be this hardcore but it should take some good cues from it.

A well-constructed website is the first step. Once that’s accomplished, an interface for e-commerce order fulfillment needs to be in place so clients can see your product lines, make selections using an online shopping cart, and pay using a credit card or online money transfer.

The above might sound easy if you’ve already done a lot of online ordering yourself, but a lot of people in product fulfillment don’t understand or even refuse it. Such people are hindering their business, preventing it from growing and expanding; in fact, they might be even weakening it. When it comes to changing and transitioning your business, even getting a third-party logistics service to assist at first can help a lot.

Mixed Future

It should be noted that product fulfillment won’t be completely absorbed by the digital revolution. If you are comfortable with doing your typical mail fulfillment and print-based material, and it’s still successful, keep doing it. Product fulfillment is interesting, as it allows you to begin an e-fulfillment service slowly, learn e-commerce as you go, and even replace old practices with new ones over time. This ability to transition allows you to adapt to the future with ease.

It’s never good to try and avoid change. No matter what you think about modern technology, if you’re in business, you have to have a grasp on it in order to ensure your business stays successful. With product fulfillment, evolution allows you to remain on the cusp of new things while still incorporating the traditional.

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