APSFulfillment_image_102215We’re quickly approaching what, for the bulk of retailers, is the most important and most profitable time of year as a percentage of overall sales: the holiday season. This period features Thanksgiving/Black Friday at the end of November and, of course, the Christmas season. While sales are certainly predicted to increase for the vast majority of retailers, preparing for successful e-commerce fulfillment is one way to boost your holiday profits.

Experts Predict Higher Than Normal Jump in E-Commerce Sales

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), overall retail sales are expected to increase from 2.5% to as much as 3.7%, producing a figure of about $630 billion. When it comes to e-commerce retail, the NRF says businesses can expect sales to jump by approximately six to eight percent. That would put the November and December retail figure at roughly $105 billion.

Much of these predictions depend on several factors, of course, including the general mood of the public, disposable income, and the willingness of consumers to part from this income. But while the precise numbers may be disputed, what can’t be disputed is that there will definitely be some increase and the significance of the holiday season for retailers remains pronounced.

Taking Advantage of Holiday Fulfillment

What all retailers need to do this holiday season is figure out ways to connect to its customers in a reliable, efficient manner. Consumers always expect their orders to be delivered on time and in pristine condition. But over the holiday season, the importance of on-time delivery becomes magnified. Consumers aren’t just expecting their packages on time; they are demanding it out of necessity. Being late on a delivery or sending the wrong product is not acceptable during the holiday season and retailers must recognize this.

One way to help speed up the e-commerce fulfillment process is to offer in-store pickup. Last holiday season saw many retailers take advantage of this option to the tune of a 40% increase of in-store pickup requests. Consumers view this option as a way to save some dollars and to skip the heavy holiday lineups.

To ensure this process runs smoothly, retailers need to have an already established and reliable infrastructure for managing inventory. This is a system that does take some experience, as retailers must be able to balance and predict e-commerce sales with in-store traffic.

For small- and medium-sized businesses early in their development, being able to properly manage in-store requests may be difficult and can actually lead to poor results. In this instance, partnering with a fulfillment company like APS Fulfillment, Inc. can be beneficial to your bottom line. APS Fulfillment, Inc. has the fulfillment experience and can develop strategies specific to your business that will ensure the best possible execution of your e-commerce fulfillment efforts.

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