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E-Commerce FulfillmentIf you’re in fulfillment and working in e-commerce, congratulations; you’re working in the most modern retail medium you can.

But here’s the bad news: you have competition–a lot of it. There are so many e-retailers out there now that they can no longer be counted.

Many of today’s online clients need a reason to stay loyal to your business. Fortunately, you can entice them by using a strongly constructed order fulfillment system to build loyalty over time.

1. Use Coupons

People will welcome saving any amount they can, and coupons are the classic way to do just that. They also serve to attract greater loyalty because you’re providing a chance to save money. With e-commerce, coupons are even easier to distribute thanks to e-mail and web sites. The trick is to make sure that you can give clients savings they can’t get elsewhere and test which offers work the best while still being profitable.

2. Offer Some Samples

Free stuff is always a great way to attract customers, such as free, small samples of new products. What you have to do is investigate your sales records so that you can offer the right samples to those that would be most interested. Note that a lot of samples are seasonal, so you have to offer them at the right time of the year.

3. Get Personal

Expanding on the above, nothing impresses clients quite like when you go that extra mile by offering a customer a personalized coupon or sample of a new product based on analyses of their past purchases. This sends the clear message that you are paying attention to your customers, their likes, and your business’ ability to provide them with what they want. Not a lot of businesses even attempt this, so personalized incentives can go a long way for yours.

4. Offer Same-Day Shipping

Many things today are faster, and that has to include your business. Incorporate efficient shipping and tracking services so clients receive their orders within 24 hours. This will give your business a great reputation as an efficient retailer.

5. Create a Catalog

Coupons offer a visual glimpse into what you’re offering, and catalogs expand on that. Old-school catalogs were big, thick, glossy books, but now they can exist as smaller brochures, package booklets, or e-catalogs delivered right to a customer’s inbox. However, catalogs can be a lot of work and may not necessarily be something you can always do, so you may not want to prioritize them. That said, before major holiday sales periods, they can be a very powerful tool for attracting and keeping clients.

6. Have Quality Customer Care

If you’ve ever called a customer service line to get Internet or phone problems resolved, you know how frustrating it can be. With all the time spent on hold or waiting to speak to a professional, many people get impatient, hang up, and consider a new provider. Don’t let this happen to you; provide quality customer care that can answer questions, address complaints, and work hard to rectify problems as quickly as soon as they appear. There’s no better way to get clients to come back than giving them the best custom service anywhere.

It’s a pretty tough marketplace out there, even online. If you want to stay in the game, you have to work to create customer loyalty through your order fulfillment practices and give them a reason to come back.

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