E-Fulfillment ServiceContent marketing is quickly becoming the latest business trend and it’s seeing strong results. If your product fulfillment business is having a hard time getting the hang of content marketing, consider these tips to better your understanding and improve your campaigns.

1.  Have Quality Content

Unlike some older forms of direct marketing, you want your content to provide information rather than being focused entirely on sales. Think about your industry and who you are marketing towards, both in terms of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-client (B2C). What do they want to know about? What’s new and developing in the field? Do your research and incorporate it into your content.

2. Spread it Across Different Media

There’s a variety of different content marketing platforms available for both B2B and B2C purposes. Videos, for instance, are currently very popular, as are e-books and interactive content. When it comes to modern m- and e-commerce, audiences prefer having a special experience when making a purchase; content marketing has to offer them that.

3.  Get Creative and Regular

Content marketing requires regular content to both bring back existing clients and drive online traffic. This can be facilitated by issuing regular e-newsletters or e-magazines and scheduling regular blog and web site updates.

4.  Create Client-Specific Content

Once you determine the demographic of your client base, you can segment your content marketing strategy towards them. This can help you categorize your clients and push content at them more directly. As you release your marketing, pay attention to who is interested in what, then give each person or group more of what they want.

5.  Test, Test, Test

Many advertising and digital marketing agencies are currently stressing the importance of testing multiple content platforms to see how people respond, often over periods as long as six months. This can help you refine your content marketing strategy.

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