direct mail marketing for restaurantsRestaurant Direct Mail Marketing

Americans are moving at a rate of over 40 million people each year. That’s a lot of customers lost and potential customers gained for local businesses. Seeing how approximately 80% of these movers will try a new restaurant before or after their move, getting out in front of the competition is paramount to nabbing these new consumers. Direct mail marketing is a great way to get this done, particularly brochure mailing to introduce consumers to your restaurant.

As a restaurant owner, your chances to engage these movers are best when they first move in. Statistics show that 80% of movers will redeem a coupon from local merchants. Restaurant direct mail marketing helps you get into the mix and offer these customers your best deals the minute they set foot in your neighborhood.

Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Increase Restaurant Revenues

It’s not a coincidence that direct mail marketing for restaurants is used more than in any other industry. The fact is that it works, and restaurant owners are seeing positive results through focused direct mail marketing campaigns or postcard marketing for restaurants. There are reasons for this effectiveness, some of which we’ll discuss below.

More Restaurant Consumers

When consumers are spending over $700.0 billion dining out, you know there’s ample opportunity for your business. Half the work is already done, so you don’t need to convince consumers to go out to buy food. What you do need to convince them of is to buy food at your establishment, and direct mail marketing is a tool that has proven to make that happen.

Immediate Results

With new residents moving into the neighbourhood, there’s a good chance of experiencing some immediate results with your campaign. Offering deals with limited-time deals or time-sensitive discounts gets people through your doors instantly. New residents are eager to get out and explore their new neighbourhood, and you want your restaurant to be a stop in their exploration.

Customer Retention and Maintenance

Direct mail is a great way to encourage top-of-mind awareness with your consumers. You can continually change your offerings by including coupons for discounts, offering weekly promotions, and giving consumers insight to any menu changes and additions. If you notice that customers are redeeming your coupons and taking advantage of your other offerings, then that should be incentive to keep your marketing campaign going.

Less Competition in the Market

Direct mail marketing minimizes the chances that competitors can see your campaign details. Yes, there will still be massive amounts of competition in the form of actual restaurants, but any advantage helps.

Strategies to Boost Your Restaurant Sales by Using Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

It’s going to take more than just mailing out a postcard one time to really get consumers flocking into your restaurant. You will have to map out an extended direct mail marketing strategy involving postcard marketing for restaurants that will put your restaurant in the position to engage long-time customers. A good way to start is by introducing potential customers to your menu. Assume they have no idea what you serve; this means that your images will have to speak volumes.

You should include some kind of incentive with your first mailing, such as a postcard offering a discount or coupon for free appetizers or drinks with redemption should do. Follow up that first mailing with another one that describes some of the upcoming entree dishes and special events you’ll be having over the next little while. It shows these consumers that your restaurant is always looking out for its patrons.

Continue to send restaurant menu mailings because, at the end of the day, your patrons are coming to your restaurant for the food. If you remind them just how great your food can be, then they will continue to frequent your establishment. However, as important as the imagery is to your mailings, you must remember that just as much thought should be put into your copy. The wording needs to be clear, simple, and tell exactly what action you expect your consumers should take.

Restaurants Menus/Brochures Mailings and Fulfillments

Direct mail marketing for restaurants is—and has been—an essential tool for attracting new and regular customers. The fact that restaurant brochure mailings can give detailed descriptions of menus and other offerings, and that coupons can offer discounts on popular items, is what makes direct mail marketing effective.

Restaurants need to continue utilizing direct mail in multiple forms in order to stay ahead of the revolving customer base that comes with the business. Americans are constantly moving in and out of neighborhoods. They are also constantly going out to eat and spending massive amounts of money. Customers are what drive your restaurant, so make sure they are always your focus.

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