political direct mail marketingPolitical campaigns and direct mail marketing are almost synonymous. Candidates of any party in most any era have relied on the strength and effectiveness of direct mail solutions to spearhead much of the outreach portion of their campaigns.

This election has been no different, and each candidate has used direct mail services to target their constituents or attract new supporters. But just because they are politicians and in the public eye doesn’t mean they don’t need to follow certain guidelines to maximize the potential of direct mail. It’s actually the opposite—each candidate must be rigorous in their approach to controlling their communication because everything matters that much more.

Political Direct Mail Strategy and Tactics

Highlight you message to grab attention

If you think businesses need to be precise in its messaging to their consumers, you can multiply that exponentially for politicians. Voters need to be absolutely clear on what politicians are trying to communicate. Not only that, but that particular message must also resonate with the voter and motivate them enough to physically cast a vote. When you’re targeting millions of people as politicians typically do, the language must also be broad enough to have general appeal.

Polish your image with direct mail brochure and postcard design

What happens in many political campaigns is that candidates are often preaching similar messages. The actual design of postcards and brochures is one way in which each candidate can separate themselves by establishing their brand. Remember, people notice everything, whether consciously or otherwise. The colors being used, the fonts and images all convey a certain image and as a politician, you need to do your best to control that image.

Target your direct mail campaign

A politician is never going to get every vote, just like businesses aren’t going to land every potential consumer. What should be the goal through any political direct mail marketing campaign is to target those who you have identified share your messaging, or those who are on the fence and need some convincing. Time is not something political candidates have to spare, and so they must be even more precise in their assessment of who should be privy to their mailings.

Get an immediate response

As we just mentioned, time is not a luxury politicians can enjoy and they must be able to quickly assess their targets’ intentions. This can be achieved by having their direct mail pieces lead to some other form of action, such as having targets share their opinion on a particular topic through a survey. Or they can push targets to a web site where they can further share their intentions to consider the candidate come voting time.

High quality political mail printing

There’s absolutely no choice in this matter. The quality of your mailing must be at a high level. Voters will not respond well to a candidate’s mailing if it is in any way sloppy or contains information that is inaccurate, or designs that are not up to par. Politicians don’t get too many chances with a voter. One wrong move could be damaging.

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