Direct Mail FundraisingWhat is Direct Mail Fundraising?

Direct mail nonprofit fundraising is exactly what it sounds like; using the medium of direct mail marketing to attract donors to a specific cause. Its effectiveness has made it a favorite for many nonprofit organizations throughout the decades and it continues to be one of the primary means of encouraging the donation of funds.

Key Practices for Direct Mail Nonprofit Funding

Though direct mail nonprofit fundraising has proven beneficial to many organizations, there are ways in which to maximize the effectiveness of this system. Ensuring certain guidelines are followed will help your campaign reach its targets and garner the funds you need to keep your organization moving forward.

Have a Clear Vision of Your Organization’s Fundraising Campaign:

Before getting anything started and developing direct mail appeals, you should know precisely what determines a successful campaign by your organization’s standards. Knowing the end goal will help you put the measures in place to better prepare you to meet those expectations.

Make Your Mail Appeals as Compelling as Possible:

Donors are real people; they need to hear real stories, understand your organization’s vision, and feel as if their contribution will make a difference. That means you need to give them as much information as possible, including statistics, pictures, and any periodic updates.

Focus on the Form of the Mailing Letter:

You must know that when asking for donations, every piece of your mailing will be scrutinized. Be meticulous with every detail, including the fonts, design, coloring, and pictures you include in your mailing. You should also take note that most recipients will read the PS before reading any other portion, so keep that in mind.

Target and Personalize:

This is standard direct mail practice, regardless of the campaign, but it is magnified in the nonprofit realm. You must do the work beforehand to know precisely who you are targeting and then speak to those targets as if they are the only ones receiving the mailing.

Think on Budget for Postage:

Remember that posting is part of your costs and that you have to consider that as part of your direct mail nonprofit fundraising budget.

Maintain a Good Mailing List:

This is your most priceless resource. You need to both maintain this list so it reflects donors who are capable of contributing and be sure you are keeping steady communication with these donors throughout the duration of their time with you.

Capture and Evaluate Direct Mail Campaign Progress Regularly:

One of the most prominent aspects of direct mail marketing is that it can easily be measured. You need to make sure you are making the effort to track how your campaigns are doing so you are always efficient in your strategies and spending.

Honor Your Direct Mail Donors’ Requests:

Just like you are asking something of your donors, many of them have requests of their own. These could be as simple as discretion, but whatever the request, go out of your way to accommodate.

Cultivate and Upgrade Your Top Direct-Mail Donors:

There are some donors who will give more than others. This is normal, or course, so you need to cultivate your list in a manner that reflects the level of contributions.

Make Your Mail Appeals Easy to Read:

This goes without saying, but your appeals need to be straightforward in their clarity. This doesn’t mean you word them in a manner that is in their face, but rather that your appeals should be read comfortably by the donors.

Build Your Direct Mail Database with Gift Offers:

You have to give to receive, and gifts are a great way to lead your targets to donating. The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant, just enough to show donors that you are grateful for their contributions.

Follow Postal Best Practices:

You can’t follow the rules unless you know them. Educate yourself about postal service practices and be sure to operate within the appropriate guidelines.

Photos, Stories, News Clippings and Testimonials:

Seeing is believing in many cases. Donors want to know their money is being put to work and that your organization is making strides in whatever mission it represents. Show them your progress through news clippings, stories, and testimonials from those you are helping.

Direct Mail Fundraising Company in Florida

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