APSFulfillment-07-17-13Go Postal

Nobody thinks in terms of the post anymore—even product fulfillment professionals. To be truthful, this notion of leaving the post in the past is a shame. There’s a lot to be gained from going through the mail.

Obviously, society has been completely revolutionized by the digital arena. We are told that the Internet and everything involving microprocessors is the way to go for business success. It’s the wave of the future, right?

Sure, but what about the mail? It’s still there, filled with bills and coupons, for the public to use for whatever intended effect. It still has clout with the public; therefore, it should be used for whatever influence a business can have.

This is where product fulfillment pros stand to gain. Direct mail marketing is still a powerful tool to be used for business success in product fulfillment. While a lot of other business pros have completely dismissed the post for greener, digital pastures, product fulfillment pros can fill the void of a certain type of marketing that appeals to the public while also providing some good business returns for themselves. It’s an open opportunity of which to easily take advantage.

With direct mail marketing though, you really need a plan of action in order to make it successful. This type of marketing can be cumbersome, but it can also be rewarding in the end. And part of what makes the rewards possible is attributed to new tools that are available to product fulfillment pros, tools that never existed before.

Planning Ahead

The whole planning process in direct mail marketing is tough but crucial. If you want to make the mail work for you, you really have to do your homework. There is no other way to achieve success here.

For a good mailing campaign in product fulfillment, sit down and put together the campaign that you think will work the best. This might mean something as easy as flyers going out to everyone’s mailbox or more complex mailings like promotions to specific clients. Consider the materials and services you need, including paper, printing services, or even booklet/catalog formats. Work these into budget considerations and see how much you actually have to spend on your direct mailing services to effectively reach the client base that would respond to your direct marketing.

Interestingly, recent developments in technology are truly on your side here. If you have need for a direct mailing service to get your mail materials out into the post, finding digital printing solutions can help a lot. They can print off your material at a moment’s notice, and many of them have the postal logistics services in house to cover matters like postage, express mailings, and mass mailings that can help you out both quickly and efficiently.

Outside the Mailbox

Not hip to the mail? Understand digital marketing but not postal logistics? Need some help? Get some help. There are many pros out there to give you a boost with the post.

A good direct mail agency can help you with all of this. They can come up with a good way to market your materials through the mail, including creating the necessary media to do so, and work out all of the postal logistics that are necessary to get your material out into the public sphere. You might have to fork out a bit of a fee, but the dividends in the end will likely net a profit. If you have the desire for great postal success in product fulfillment, get working on them in full force. The sources for success are just outside the mailbox.

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