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New Year, New Changes

With the New Year upon us, most businesses have an opportunity to begin anew. Each new year means a new beginning, and with it, a new chance to improve. It’s a time for everyone to start over and aim to be bigger, bolder, and different.

In product fulfillment, it’s no different. That said, unlike many other businesses, those in product fulfillment have to consider both traditional techniques and new applications, often based on new technology, and then decide which direction to take their business in. This can be both scary and more than a little risky.

With recent announcements about changes to traditional mail services in the U.S. and Canada, many product fulfillment businesses have more to consider. With the cutbacks to door-to-door mail delivery and the discontinuation of certain mailing services, not to mention the bigger fees involved, the traditional postal services’ relationship with product fulfillment businesses needs reevaluation.

But while some businesses might be quick to abandon the old mailing techniques, those in product fulfillment have some options. This includes being able to stay with the traditional postal means while adapting to new fulfillment techniques.

Complete Analysis

Product fulfillment businesses used to traditional mail order fulfillment should do a bit of self-auditing at the beginning of the year. This can include analyzing their use of mail, such as how their products are being packaged and how they are delivered to a client’s home. This can help determine how successful your mailing practices will be in 2014.

It never hurts to review new trends in your area as well; there might be better mailing options, such as courier services, special discounts, or new direct mailing opportunities. Mail itself is adapting to changes, too, so pay attention to things like new packaging that you can add to your own mailing arsenal.

The obvious change that most product fulfillment businesses need to consider is how far they want to go electronically, with options including e-commerce order fulfillment, electronic catalogues, and an electronic online fulfillment system. However, making the choice doesn’t mean the hard work is over; operating it requires further education, and clients used to the traditional method may not approve of the changes. That’s why you have to give any changes made some serious consideration.

Mixed Bag

Many people in product fulfillment attempt to use both electronic and traditional mailing methods simultaneously. Needless to say, doing both requires more work, but makes it possible to appease multiple client demographics.

Do your homework by going directly to the sources of new product fulfillment practices, such as logistics companies and distribution hubs, to get a sense of what changes you can make to your mailing practices. Even doing a quick Google search of “Direct Mail Company Florida,” for example, can bring up the best direct mail trends in Florida, the direct mail hub of North America. A Florida product fulfillment company’s models and consultations can put you on the right path to determining how to handle your own postal methods.

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