the Big New Clients in Direct Marketing

New to You

In business, you need clients. And when those clients come in, pay for your wares, and exit happily, you feel a well-earned sense of achievement. However, there’s a lot of baggage that comes with having clients in the business world.

One is holding on to them. You need to keep them interested in what you do so that they come back for more. Often, it’s just a matter of continuing to offer quality services.

But then there’s the matter of if they leave and you require new clients to keep turning a profit. Or, if you are starting a company fresh, you need initial clients to get the ball rolling. There’s also those trying to increase their business’ potential for success by expanding their client roster.

Welcome to the world of new client acquisition. If you’re groaning at the sound of this, that’s understandable; getting new clients is tough, and sometimes even daunting. But it’s not impossible to do, and some good techniques exist to help you along the way.

In product fulfillment, getting new clients is a necessary task for the business as a whole. For product fulfillment pros, though, there are some tools at the ready to help out and get the new clients in the door faster.

Check it Out

People are interested in new things and new possibilities. If you’re a product fulfillment pro scouting for new clients, you have to have enticing materials. From there, it’s all about doing good fulfillment work.

There are several ways to get clients, both old and new: cold calling, buying a competitor’s mailing list, going door-to-door, and others you probably already know. But in product fulfillment, you should stick to the old tricks of direct marketing leads. It’s all part of the job: you promote your products to existing clients through flyers, catalogues, and promo cards. Before sending direct marketing material out, see what postal options you have for mail direct marketing and observe where you can canvass to get new people interested. Make sure you have a budget for a good direct marketing campaign as well.

Once you’re done promoting, be ready to receive new clients. This sounds obvious, but all too often, product fulfillment pros aren’t prepared and have no fulfillment center or department in place to do customer order fulfillment. You have to have these mechanisms—and, in most cases, people—ready to go. If you’re working in online media, make sure your customer order fulfillment center is ready to take orders from online clients and can send them documentation online, such as receipts, as easily as they would via the post.

Holding On

Anyone can bring in new clients, but the real product fulfillment pros work to hold onto those they already have. There’s no point in the whole business of direct marketing leads generation if you can’t service clients both immediately and over time.

Make sure new clients receive the same information your repeat customers get: this includes promo material, new product offers, and any discounts or memberships they qualify for. Also make sure their information is properly and safely stored in a secure listing database. People demand strong confidentiality if they hand over their address or phone number, so be sure to treat this information like gold. Finally, get the new clients involved in your business. Sending them a questionnaire or a free gift shows you care about them as a part of your business. That kind of appreciation isn’t as common as one might think, so if you do it in product fulfillment, you stand to reel in the big client fish and keep them rallied under your business’ banner.

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