APSFulfillment 09.22.14Current changes in direct marketing are as exciting as ever. With rapid expansions in the field, companies are finding that there are new ways to reach consumer audiences and subsequently profit.

To be taking advantage of these new aspects of creative direct marketing means taking note of popular trends in conjunction with new information. It might seem difficult for those unfamiliar with the finer details of direct marketing, but these practices are usually easy, as well as cost-effective. 


E-commerce fulfillment research has found two specific ways to benefit from current direct marketing trends. The first is video; if you spend time on social media and message boards, you’ve likely seen a ton of commercials and other video advertising. Current marketing techniques are heavily reliant on videos to showcase products, and for good reason; videos are a highly successful way to appeal to clients.

Second is Amazon: later this year, marketers will be allowed to buy placements on the site. This will unquestionably open up all kinds of opportunities for companies trying to list and advertise their products. As noted by experts, Amazon is a site geared specifically for shopping, so having any marketing presence on it might just be the best direct marketing tool possible.

Test Audience

When performing creative direct marketing, make sure you test all your work thoroughly before employing it as a marketing strategy. Many researchers have noted that video marketing, especially on mobile devices, receives more views from younger audiences than anyone else; however, your marketing media should aim to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Keep in mind that there will likely be a continued proliferation of digital marketing media and increased competition as a result. That means that to be successful, you will have to experiment with your marketing materials, make them unique, and monitor their success. And be ready to go through a few failed tests until you find what will work.

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