Fulfillment MarketingMarketing just isn’t what it used to be. Before, a print ad or a flyer might have been all that was necessary to attract customers. But the media has changed, with it, the marketing formats.

Fulfillment companies have had to make concessions as a result. Whereas a business may have once been performing direct marketing through the mail, now their marketing is most likely primarily digital. Now it’s a matter of organization, and by segmenting your marketing, you can better plan and monitor your releases.

Print and Digital

Modern direct marketing management requires consideration of what media formats you’ll be working in and how they differ from each other. This begins with dividing your print and digital marketing campaigns, then dealing with the individual components of each. For print, this may include direct mail, catalogues, flyers, and other traditional aspects.

For digital marketing, there are issues such as what sort of e-fulfillment service you operate, specifically if it’s only for desktop platforms or if it also includes mobile and tablets, as each requires specific designs and marketing materials. You also have to make sure you are using the correct markup and/or editing interfaces for each format you accommodate.


While you can track print marketing results, it’s often difficult to obtain the exact numbers for each campaign you launched. One advantage to e-fulfillment services and digital direct marketing is that they feature programs that can track their results more efficiently.

This is very important, as people now engage in e-commerce order fulfillment across multiple platforms, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, while before this all fell under one banner and was too difficult to track. But now it’s possible to see the results firsthand, giving you the ability to make more precise adjustments to each segment and keep an eye on all digital direct marketing leads.

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