Along with our printing and hand fulfillment services, APS Fulfillment, Inc. (APS) has the right high-volume services to help you with your more complex mailings.

With your business, your promotional and marketing material packages can get pretty thick. Not only that, but a particular package has specifics as to content, layout, and what inserts or promotions you want to include. In fact, some of your bigger packages have multiple or a high volume of inserts that can be tough to organize and need specific care to ensure they are done properly. In the end, these complex and high-volume mailings not only risk becoming disorganized, but they also miss mailing deadlines just due to their size or specific assembly requirements.

But APS can help you with all of this. Our combination of contemporary digital printing programs and product fulfillment-savvy staff can handle your complex mailings with ease. APS can assemble your mailings properly, provide the exact specifications of selective inserts, and perform high-speed inserting for specific mailings.

If you’ve got high-volume or complex mailings, APS can help.