Digital Printing Product Fulfillment

To the Letters

The screens are illuminated, the text is encoded, and there are moving images on top. The workers in the digital world have managed to combine the fanciest of all possible mediums and brought in the bucks for themselves in the process. It’s the wave of the future, don’t you know?

With all of this digital hoopla today, the notion that print media still has any validity is often met with more than one chuckle. The books, the big thick catalogs, the pamphlets, etc. are all seen as old school. And, according to some, this print media is nearly obsolete.

But this notion is simply not true. There still are bills coming by mail and flyers being tacked up on public bulletin boards. Print media might have a competitor for public domination, but it’s certainly not a mere memory of the past quite yet.

For product fulfillment professionals, print media is an integral part of their day-to-day business operations. They use print to create promotional material and direct mailings. But what is often forgotten is that product fulfillment pros who have access to print media production stand to gain much success by offering these services to others. By offering their printing services, they can create a new wellspring for their business through the services they have coupled with their applicable knowledge.

Delightful Combos

In this day and age, the best printing services product fulfillment pros can implement for their own companies are digital printing solutions. The old mimeograph or lead-and-ink services are done, save for a few niche markets. Digital printing solutions are quick and easy to access, allowing you to do on-demand printing services at the drop of a hat.

When it comes to offering digital printing solutions to others through your product fulfillment business, it’s all about combos. First get acquainted with the formats. You have to make sure you can produce what is needed through digital media and have the design know-how—if you don’t, get some after-hours education in digital publishing or bring on a pro who can help. You’re in the business of creative direct marketing, so it’s best to know how to use your trade’s tools to be as creative as possible. Second, put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. A client is going to need anything from business cards to glossy direct mailings to those fancy promo fliers that are handed out on the street. A client is also going to need help on getting this material out into the public sphere properly. Be ready to have an internal digital printing company that can satisfy these needs for all available clients.

In fact, many times there’s a need for this in today’s world. Too often, print on demand companies can’t do what clients want them to do, either because of technical or creative constraints plus having no knowledge of any direct marketing practices. You can fill the void there and make quite a name for yourself by doing what others in your field cannot—using nice combo solutions.

Go-To Pros

In fact, that’s a decent goal for any product fulfillment company. While you don’t have to necessarily abandon your mail order fulfillment, direct marketing, or other services, a renewed focus of your digital printing solutions or on demand printing services can really be an asset to others struggling in your field. By also offering consultation in product fulfillment, you are using expertise that can really help others over the long term. They will view your company as the go-to pros and routinely look to you for assistance in return for good compensation to make it worth your while.

Print might not be what it used to be, but it’s far from being obsolete. Many need printing services, but don’t know where to turn for help. The digital printing product fulfillment pros can help others while helping themselves.

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