custom packaging for happy customersMany e-commerce fulfillment companies underestimate the value of custom packaging for boxes—and by doing so, they risk losing out on a valuable tool to rake in more revenue! But what’s the connection between revenue and custom packaging for boxes?

Well, in an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, you need to find suitable ways to set yourself apart from your competitors—and custom packaging with your logo accomplishes just that.

While perhaps it may seem like a minor concern, consider that Ipsos found that 72% of Americans said that a product’s packaging often influences their purchasing decisions.

Additionally, 55% of online shoppers said that they would return to a website if their purchase came in custom packaging.

This all goes to show that custom packaging can be a simple and yet highly effective way to boost revenue and encourage recurring patronage from customers.

So, how exactly can you develop revenue-generating custom packaging?

Create Smartly Designed Boxes

Remember that it’s all about setting yourself apart from the competition. That means creating custom packaging boxes with your logo that not only stand out, but also look great.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel either; over two-thirds of people agree that paper and cardboard packaging can make the delivery appear more attractive compared to alternative materials (like plastic).

Knowing what your customer wants in a package in terms of material and design is step one.

Ensure You Have a Readable Brand Name

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many e-commerce fulfillment providers put all this time into developing a unique and impressive logo only to hide it in the corner, out of sight.

Feature it prominently! You can’t establish a relationship between your brand logo and the customer, after all, if they don’t notice it in the first place.

Make the Logo Interesting to Customers

The best brands have simple, memorable, and strong logos. Apple, Amazon, Netflix—all instantly identifiable. And again, none are all that intricate or complicated.

You just need a logo that sticks out and sticks in the mind of the customer. That way, they’ll link the positive reaction of receiving their package with your brand, engendering future purchases.

Use Attractive Colors

People are naturally attracted to colors. That doesn’t mean you want to oversaturate your box with a dozen bright pastels (unless that’s a specific branding choice, of course), but it does mean that you want to inject a bit of color into your packaging to help it make an impression on the customer.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

About two-thirds of consumers want their packaging to be eco-friendly. Ensuring that the package is recyclable and made out of reused materials allows you to slap a friendly seal of approval on your packaging that lets the customer know they’re at least somewhat reducing their environmental impact. This is an easy win that pleases customers and helps the environment.

APS Fulfillment’s Custom Packaging Services

If you’re looking for custom packaging for your e-commerce fulfillment business that helps you stand out among competitors, then call APS Fulfillment, Inc.

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