Boxes have become ubiquitous these days, with so much of e-commerce being done by way of cardboard. But there are other alternatives to boxes out there, ones that may actually save your business money in the long run. With that in mind, let’s take a look at polybagging and why polybags may be the superior option to carboard boxes when shipping products.

Types of Poly Mailers and Polybags

So, what are poly mailers? Essentially, a poly mailer (also referred to as polybagging) is a light, cheap packaging material you’ve no doubt seen products shipped with before. They are easy to handle (opposed to occasionally cumbersome cardboard boxes) and lighter than carboard. Not to mention easier to store. 

There are several types of polybags depending on your shipping needs, such as bubble-lined polybags, resealable polybags, and anti-static polybags.

  • Bubble-lined poly mailers. For products that require that extra layer of protection, you can get bubble-lined poly mailers, which essentially combines bubble wrap lining with the outer shell of a polybag. 
  • Resealable polybags. As the name suggests, these polybags are resealable, making them reusable if returned. 
  • Anti-static polybags. These are designed using material that is resistant to static, which can be used for sensitive electronic equipment.  


Benefits of Polybagging

Now that we understand what polybagging is and the different types of poly mailers, let’s dive deeper into some of the advantages your business can reap from using these shipping alternatives over boxes. 

Cost Effective: Polybags Are Cost-Effective Option

The main reason many e-commerce fulfillment services opt to use poly mailers over corrugated boxes when possible is due to the cost savings.

They are lighter and smaller than boxes, reducing shipping costs. If you’re making hundreds or thousands of shipments, those costs can add up, dramatically boosting your bottom-line over time and increasing your margins. 

Remember that some shippers not only charge for weight but also for how much room the package takes up in their truck. In other words, no matter how light the shipment, you may end up paying unnecessarily for bulky boxes when a poly mailer would do fine as an alternative, saving you money. 

Polybags are also smaller and lighter, which makes them easier to store and stockpile, requiring far less room onsite.

Customizable: Polybags Can Easily Be Branded

Another huge benefit is that poly mailers are a great opportunity for custom packaging. 

Customizing your packages can be an easy and effective way of establishing brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business with customers; mailers are especially easy to customize, making this a win-win. 

Convenience: Polybags Are the Best Option for Many Types of Products

While polybagging may not be suited for every type of product, you’d be surprised at the variety of products they can be used for. 

Consider using poly mailers for:

  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Prints
  • Clothes
  • Small furniture
  • Small toys
  • And more


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