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3 Ways to Overcome the COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions

Businesses across various industries are contending with the modified COVID-19 supply chain disruptions. Boats stuck in harbors, trucks without drivers, goods shortages, and slowing production—these are just a few examples. And these difficulties are only amplified when we talk about e-commerce fulfillment, where so much of the business relies on getting consumers what they want, fast. If you’re operating in the e-commerce space, you’ve no doubt already experienced many of these problem thanks to the global supply chain disruption. But here’s the good news: we’ve developed three methods that can help your business overcome many of these COVID-19 supply chain...
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12 Steps for Businesses to Manage the Supply Chain Crisis in 2022

Global supply chain disruption due to the pandemic continues to cause havoc: 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are experiencing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. It’s so bad that over half of these businesses had to downgrade growth outlooks due to the pandemic. And in 2022, e-commerce fulfillment providers aren’t quite out of the woods yet; we’re anticipating a number of continuing supply chain shocks to complicate supply chain management in the new year. (more…)
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Supply Chain Experts Predict Disruption, Shortages, Inflation and More in the Fulfillment Industry in 2022

Almost every aspect of our way of life has had to be reconsidered in response to COVID-19. One of the major economic knock-on effects of that shift is the upsetting of the global supply chain. Before, things zoomed from port to port as part of a globalized supply chain that, when operating well, increased efficiency and margins for producers. E-commerce fulfillment providers are keenly aware of how important the global supply chain is for their business, as getting products on time and shipping them to consumers is crucial. That makes supply chain management more important than ever as we have...
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Optimize Your Supply Chain for the Holiday Season

If you’re in the e-commerce business, you’ve no doubt become keenly aware of the supply chain issues that are plaguing the industry as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s the bad news—the good news is that with a more efficient supply chain management system in place, you can avoid many of the worst outcomes. Plus, you might even outperform your competitors who haven’t adapted to the current supply chain situation. (more…)
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How Your E-Commerce Business Can Avoid Being Hurt by Global Supply Chain Issues

The pandemic has, of course, created a huge health concern that has in turn impacted nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. And one of the major impacts that both business owners and consumers are noticing is the huge supply chain disruption caused by this global virus—especially for e-commerce companies who are focused on delivering goods to customers fast and within the timeframe promised. But that’s becoming increasingly hard to accomplish considering there are so many supply chain issues at play. (more…)
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Benefits of Effective Supply Chain Management

[caption id="attachment_6039" align="alignleft" width="353"][/caption] Effective supply chain management is vital for many businesses. It provides a competitive advantage and allows companies to lower their risk of errors when buying raw materials and selling products. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of supply chain management and the benefits it can bring your company. (more…)
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How to Identify Slow Moving Inventory

[caption id="attachment_5967" align="alignleft" width="405"][/caption] Slow-moving inventory is defined as stock that has had little customer demand over a certain period of time. But how do you identify slow-moving inventory? What qualifies as little customer demand? All of these questions are important to ask yourself when reviewing your inventory strategy. If your focus is on growing your business and staying ahead of your competitors, it’s important to dedicate time to improving your fast-moving inventory and managing the slow movers. Here’s why slow movers are a problem and how you can identify them to establish a strong growth strategy. (more…)
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How to Reduce the Cost of Supply Chain

One way to increase the profits of your company is to reduce supply chain costs. While you want to maintain high-quality products and services, there are certain areas that you can look to in order to cut back on e-commerce supply chain costs. These areas include but aren’t limited to: warehouse space, inventory stock, transportation modes, and order processing. If you’re looking for some supply chain cost saving ideas, consider these thirteen useful tips: (more…)
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The Role of Supply-Chain Management in e-Commerce

You likely own a number of products—maybe even the device you are reading this article on—that were manufactured in China. As markets become intertwined on a global scale, the way customer demands are being supplied is getting redefined. Raw materials, labor, and production can be obtained from a dynamic range of sources as businesses large and small look for the lowest costs. However, getting a product made cheaply across the ocean doesn't help unless you have a way to get it to a customer ordering from, say, New York City. This is why supply chain management is incredibly important to...
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How to Manage Supply Chain Risks

Manage Supply Chain RisksFrom startups, to small operations, to large corporations; one of the common methods many businesses use to get an edge is to go global. This can involve anything from moving manufacturing to a more affordable foreign location, to actively expanding operations and sales to an international level. As the supply chain grows longer and branches grow further, increasing complexities and risks will occur that require proper management solutions to avoid harming your business. (more…)
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