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Outsourcing Literature Fulfillment

Literature fulfillment, also known as print fulfillment, is when printed materials are stored, packaged, and delivered. This can include materials such as catalogs, postcards, sales packets, and flyers, or delivering orders for books or manuals. When properly executed, literature fulfillment can be a benefit to many businesses hoping to reach out to new or existing customers. However, it is also time-consuming and rarely a priority activity among companies. This is why shipping firms are perfect for literature fulfillment outsourcing. Regardless of whether your business plans on prolonged or one-time literature fulfillment, outsourcing should be considered.​ (more…)
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The Demands and Rewards of Literature Fulfillment

Two open blue books on a light backgroundLiterature fulfillment, or print fulfillment as it’s commonly referred to, is a popular form of paper-based marketing that many fulfillment houses use. For retailers looking to market via the mail or  direct marketing, it can be a very powerful tool. However, many fulfillment companies don’t know how to use it properly or simply don’t bother with it at all, mistakenly thinking it’s a dated marketing style. If you learn of its advantages and how to utilize it properly, literature fulfillment has many virtues. For a breakdown of literature fulfillment, its rigors, and how it can benefit your company, here are...
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