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Tips to Improve Your Inventory Management in 2021

Real Time Inventory ManagementWith production uncertain during this unprecedented global pandemic, one of the best things your e-commerce business can do is to improve its inventory management. By equipping yourself with a streamlined and improved inventory management system, you’ll be better suited to handle the uncertainties in production chains that now plague businesses of all types and sizes.

The good news is that you don’t need a ton of capital or resources to improve your real-time inventory management. With the addition of strong inventory management software and a few improvements made to your process, you can begin to see immediate benefits.

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How to Reduce Inventory Write-Offs

reduce inventory write-offs

A dreaded term in the fulfillment industry is inventory write-off. It is the formal recognition that some of a company’s inventory no longer has value and cannot be sold. Sometimes inventory write-offs are necessary; sometimes items go out of style and need to be reworked or recycled for another purpose. Other times, a product gets damaged in the warehouse, either during storage or transportation, and has to be written-off. If write-offs happen here or there, it won’t cause a huge loss to your organization; however, if they are happening frequently, it indicates that your company has poor inventory management. Here are some important tips on how to prevent and reduce inventory write offs with a proper inventory management system in place.

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9 Steps to Solve Common Inventory Problems

Common Inventory Problems

Any organization that stores items in its warehouse needs some sort of inventory management. Without a proper strategy in place, your organization will face multiple challenges that could cost you money, waste time, and lead to poor customer service. Since the marketplace is constantly changing, you need to be able to adjust your processes to adapt to unexpected shifts. If you work within the e-commerce realm, you already know how important inventory efficiency is to draw in more customers and meet their demands. If you want to have a positive brand reputation, you will need to provide exceptional service at top speeds—after all, this is what customers expect. Here how to solve common inventory problems to ensure better product availability, customer service, and efficiency across the board

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Why Your Business Needs Real-Time Inventory Management

What is real-time inventory management and why does it matter? Real-time inventory management is the process of keeping track of inventory sales and purchases as soon as they occur by using software that gives the entire company a picture of what’s happening. It allows your organization to have the information it needs to react faster to specific needs in the supply chain. Real-time systems record every transaction immediately, to allow for greater accuracy than periodically updating the inventory at certain intervals. Here are the benefits of real-time inventory management and why you should implement it in your supply chain.

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How to Improve Stock Control

How to Improve Stock Control

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Understanding the need for effective stock control is only part of the solution. You should also know how to implement it and make the most of it. There are various reliable strategies for improving inventory control, such as characterization, integrated mobile technology, warehouse management systems, and supplier relationship management. These strategies and more provide a foundation to improve your inventory management. If you’re wondering how to improve stock control, here are some tips to consider.

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How to Identify Slow Moving Inventory

Slow Moving Inventory

Slow-moving inventory is defined as stock that has had little customer demand over a certain period of time. But how do you identify slow-moving inventory? What qualifies as little customer demand? All of these questions are important to ask yourself when reviewing your inventory strategy. If your focus is on growing your business and staying ahead of your competitors, it’s important to dedicate time to improving your fast-moving inventory and managing the slow movers. Here’s why slow movers are a problem and how you can identify them to establish a strong growth strategy.

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Common Inventory Mistakes e-Commerce Startups Make

If you’re new to the e-commerce industry, you may have some concerns regarding setting up an effective web site, finding your target customers, meeting your customers’ needs with your products or services, and providing quality customer service. Among these concerns, the most important aspect is solving inventory management challenges. Inventory management is so important because it affects every other area of your business. Managing inventory can be challenging for well-established businesses, so ensuring your startup is prepared to avoid inventory management mistakes is key to your success. Here are the most common inventory management mistakes by e-commerce startups and how you can get help to prevent these mistakes.

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Inventory Management Techniques to Save Money

Inventory management save money

When most people think about inventory management, they instantly get a headache from thinking of the overwhelming number of items to count and organize. However, developments in technology have allowed many businesses to access inventory management software that makes this process tremendously simpler. Instead of manually tracking everything, the software records the information and provides statistics and measurable data for you, and anyone in your network that you allow. Are you ready to save money with inventory management techniques? Here are some tips to follow.

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Debunking Top Myths about Inventory Management

Inventory management myths debunked

Inventory management is not a simple task for many e-commerce businesses. You may either have too much or too little in stock or may have difficulties monitoring the movements of your products in and out of your warehouse. Inventory management software can help you prevent problems like these, by automating the process as much as possible. However, there are many misconceptions about inventory management that have led businesses to hold off on including it in their operations. Here are the most common inventory management myths and why this software is so important to your success.

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10 Key Inventory Metrics for Small Businesses

inventory managementProducts come in and out, but you should be in control of that cycle at all times. And if you run a small business or fulfillment company, you have to; your success depends on it.

If you’ve never given much thought to inventory metrics, here are 10 factors to take note of:

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