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Category Archives: Healthcare Fulfillment

Healthcare Fulfillment Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Over the last year, there have been numerous supply chain difficulties that the pandemic has introduced to the world. This has been especially difficult for order fulfillment. What’s more, in specialized industries like healthcare, they are facing even more fulfillment challenges. What are these healthcare fulfillment challenges and how can we better overcome these order fulfillment challenges? Read on below to find out. (more…)
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Supplement and Nutraceutical Product Fulfillment Services

Nutraceutical products and supplements make up a thriving, multi-billion-dollar industry that grows larger every year. Due to the popularity of nutraceuticals and supplements, any business that offers them is going to see a large amount of demand across e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. This is why nutraceutical and supplement fulfillment services are so important. The ability to handle large-volume fulfillment needs across multiple delivery channels is something that requires a mix of a skilled, flexible, and scalable workforce along with the necessary warehousing infrastructure to serve as a central distribution point. Since these infrastructure and worker needs aren't easily met by...
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How to Improve the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Supply Chain

Improve the Pharmaceutical Supply ChainOne of the most complicated types of supply chains is those meant for pharmaceutical and/or medical device fulfillment. These complex products have highly-regulated quality controls, varied and precise lifecycles, numerous safety and security concerns, and warehousing needs, and feature a quickly increasing number of stock-keeping units (SKUs). Despite, or sometimes because of, these challenges, supply chains for healthcare fulfillment need to constantly work to improve their cost, speed, and accuracy or else risk getting left behind as their fields advance. Managing to create a properly integrated global supply chain is a multi-faceted effort that affects everything from strategy to fulfillment...
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Keys to Providing Successful Fulfillment for the Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry

Whether sending out samples and marketing materials to physicians, fulfilling pharmacy stock orders, or supplying hospitals or individual patients, the healthcare industry has unique needs for order fulfillment. In addition to the reporting and tracking often required by law, many pharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive and can thus create warehousing difficulties. The extra logistical concerns, combined with normal shipping difficulties, make healthcare and pharmaceutical fulfillment one of the most complex delivery operations a company can face. Since fulfillment services like APS Fulfillment specialize in order delivery, it makes sense to outsource your needs to a third party capable of tackling these...
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