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Reducing Costs by Integrating Packaging with Distribution Operations

Packaging SolutionsPackaging is an ordeal in itself, and one that most retailers choose to leave to a capable third party. But the cost of packaging needs to be taken into serious consideration, including seasonal packaging price increases, which can drive costs up significantly. And for small businesses, even slight increases in costs can have large implications. (more…)
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Essential Safety Policies for Your Distribution Center

Traffic cones and hardhat 3D. IsolatedToday’s distribution centers are epicenters of activity, with many scrambling to get orders out and meet demand. But this is how things often go wrong; especially when it comes to safety, so much activity means more ways for people to get hurt. In fact, there are currently many distribution centers working at a subpar safety level, and it’s costing them in the long run. All distribution centers should be a safe environment for their employees. Here are the key areas that businesses need to pay close attention to when improving conditions. (more…)
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5 Ways to Better Focus Your Fulfillment Ventures in 2015

To say that 2014 was a crazy year for fulfillment would be an understatement. Between the rise of digital commerce and significant changes in retail sales, distribution and fulfillment services are evolving rapidly. Now that 2015 is here, it’s time to look back and see what lessons can be learned from 2014 and what can be done to make your 2015 fulfillment year the best yet. 1. Sell Internationally The recent news about developed U.S.-Cuba relations, combined with the rise of e- and m-commerce, means that your order fulfillment can and needs to go global. There’s a lot of international demand...
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Helpful International Fulfillment Tips

Consumers by nature are ambitious, finding joy in being able to get what they want in spite of the obstacles. And if people far away want your products or your local client base desires foreign goods, it’s time to engage in importing and exporting. If you’ve never done this before, here are some tips to get you started: 1. Know Your Niche and Buyers This may sound obvious, but you need to know where your product line is in demand. Consider the big picture: it’s not just regular clients of your fulfillment center that might be interested, but also governments, corporations,...
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Lessons from Fulfillment Veterans

It’s been reported that retail juggernaut Wal-Mart has stepped up its fulfillment solutions in an attempt to go head-to-head with major competitor Amazon. The times are indeed changing, both for retail and for business-to-business fulfillment. Wal-Mart is now under pressure and they may not come out on top. Either way, some of their new methods should be noted buy other fulfillment centers. Here’s five things you can learn from Wal-Mart to stay on top of your fulfillment game: (more…)
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Generating Ideas for Product Fulfillment

Ideas are a business’ lifeblood. If you’re having trouble generating new ideas, product fulfillment offers several opportunities to think some up and get back on track. Here’s what you can do to get your creative juices flowing. Brainstorming A good start is to simply assess your current situation: what areas of your business need new ideas, which ideas didn’t work in the first place, and what all this means for your business. (more…)
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