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How to Snag the Big New Clients in Direct Marketing

New to You In business, you need clients. And when those clients come in, pay for your wares, and exit happily, you feel a well-earned sense of achievement. However, there’s a lot of baggage that comes with having clients in the business world. One is holding on to them. You need to keep them interested in what you do so that they come back for more. Often, it’s just a matter of continuing to offer quality services. (more…)
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How to Make Sure Your Direct Marketing Material is Seen

Meant to Be Seen There is a term often applied to entertainers and performers if they followed particular career path. These people might have been obscure, had a small but loyal fanbase, and scraped by just to eat and keep a roof over their heads, but they were eventually recognized as being talented and were paid big money to have their creative skills used in commercials, endorsements, and more. They finally had money in their pockets, but their fans were angry at their decision to become more commercial. (more…)
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Postal Sources—Developing a Great Direct Mailing Plan for Product Fulfillment

Go Postal Nobody thinks in terms of the post anymore—even product fulfillment professionals. To be truthful, this notion of leaving the post in the past is a shame. There’s a lot to be gained from going through the mail. Obviously, society has been completely revolutionized by the digital arena. We are told that the Internet and everything involving microprocessors is the way to go for business success. It’s the wave of the future, right? (more…)
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