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5 Tips for Better Fulfillment Marketing E-Mails

direct marketingMarketing is hard enough, no matter what the medium. But with the advent of the Internet, there are new marketing strategies available. When it comes to product fulfillment, one viable option is e-mail marketing, which is cheap and always effective for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Here are some tips to help make e-mail marketing a dependable client strategy:

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How Product Descriptions and Media Can Strengthen Your Fulfillment Business

fulfillment businessWhen the Internet first became domesticated two decades ago, many theorists told us the information age was coming—and they’ve more than proved themselves correct. But many fail to observe how to use all this information.

Those in fulfillment are often unaware of the power of information media and how to use it simply and effectively. For instance, product and business descriptions are one good way to subtly use information media to attract more consumers.

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Forging Beneficial Partnerships in Fulfillment

direct mail marketingIf you have a large workload and cannot do it alone, it may be time to consider a partner. But if you’re uncertain about your prospects—perhaps you’ve heard some horror stories—you should know that, provided you find the right partner, the good can far outweigh the bad. Here are a few possible options for businesses to work alongside:

1. Other Fulfillment Houses

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. If you know of a rival company that might be willing to work with you—perhaps they handle similar products—present them with an offer. You may be surprised by who you can successfully work with!

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Pointers for B2B Direct Marketing

Direct MarketingAs great as your customer order fulfillment may be, expanding your product fulfillment business via business-to-business (B2B) direct marketing can generate new potential for success.

The product fulfillment process is a chain. Seeing where you work best in that chain, whether warehousing, customer order fulfillment, or something else, allows you to recognize where you can best help another business in that same chain. That is where you can acquire the means to brand your business and offer it to others.

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Information Provision in Product Fulfillment

Information Provision in Product FulfillmentBeing an information provider is vital in today’s product fulfillment world. With constant new technological changes and industry practices, consultation in product fulfillment is necessary for those who are serious about staying in the business.

If you choose to be an information provider, you have a lot of ways to spread your intel, including creative direct marketing among many others.

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Dealing With Change in Product Fulfillment

e-fulfillment servicesChange is a part of life, and there’s often only one appropriate response: embracing it. However, change can often be inconvenient, happening when we least expect it. Many companies spend a lot of cash on coping with changes, but in product fulfillment, change occurs so often that constant preparation is a necessity.

All in Your Hands

Dealing with change requires preparation, followed by action. Negative changes usually require some sort of damage control, so it’s vital that you’re ready to respond to them in order to minimize the potential damage.

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Helpful Resources for Product Fulfillment

logistics company in MiamiIt goes without saying that education is important, but is there no other way to learn? Is it possible to be knowledgeable about a subject in business without holding a degree for it?

The good news is that there is, especially for those in product fulfillment. With the abundance of resources available, it’s possible to educate yourself on a topic without foregoing work.

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Going Overboard: Some Things to Avoid in Direct Marketing Product Fulfillment

Some Things to Avoid in Direct Marketing Product Fulfillment

Knowing Is Half the Battle

 Order big or order little? Go digital or stick with paper media? Start working on your catalogue now, well before Christmas, or promote a new product that’s hot from the supplier? Decisions, decisions, decisions. And in product fulfillment, like any other business, there are a lot to make.

In fact, if you’re in the product fulfillment game, you already have a pretty good idea how hard it is to make the best decisions for your business.

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Done Directly: Direct Marketing Tips for Today’s Product Fulfillment Pros


Old, But New

So…what’s left? Door-to-door sales? Well, people get pretty angry when you do this. Send out some fancy telegrams to rouse sudden business interest? Nope: Western Union saw an end to that almost 10 years ago, and now e-mail is the norm. Cold calling? Better check the privacy laws, as some people could get angry if you pull this stunt over their dinnertime.

It seems like a lot of business practices have fallen by the wayside or radically changed.

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Direct Hit—Bringing Life to Your Direct Marketing Business in This Day and Age

APSFulfillment-07-10-13Separation of the Two

When you tell people you’re in direct marketing or that you have a direct marketing company working for your own product fulfillment business, you might get a few puzzled looks. A lot of people think direct marketing isn’t as effective today or that it’s not something product fulfillment professionals should use to yield success. These people who look down on direct marketing often ride the high horse of digital business and tout themselves as the new slick business pros today.

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