Buildable Outdoor Igloo Company

Introduction: A prominent company specializing in buildable outdoor igloo spaces for dining, relaxing, and green rooms serves customers in the U.S. and Canadian markets during the winter and spring seasons. Despite their innovative products, the company faced challenges with stock space, transit time, and shipping costs, which hampered their growth and customer satisfaction.

Challenge: The igloo company’s primary concerns were limited stock space, high shipping costs, and lengthy transit times for their customers. These issues made it difficult for the company to efficiently manage their inventory, leading to increased operational costs and dissatisfied customers due to delayed deliveries.

Solution: APS Fulfillment partnered with the igloo company to address their stock space, transit time, and shipping cost challenges. By providing cost-effective mass storage solutions, APS enabled the company to optimize their inventory management. Additionally, APS’s competitive shipping rates and strong relationships with major carriers helped decrease shipping costs and reduce transit times for the igloo company’s customers.

Results: As a result of working with APS Fulfillment, the igloo company saw substantial improvements in their stock space management, shipping costs, and transit times. The mass storage solutions provided by APS streamlined inventory management, allowing the company to operate more efficiently. Furthermore, the reduced shipping costs and transit times led to increased customer satisfaction and improved overall business operations for the igloo company.

Conclusion: Collaborating with APS Fulfillment proved to be a game-changer for the buildable outdoor igloo company. By offering tailored solutions that addressed the company’s unique challenges, APS Fulfillment played a crucial role in enhancing the company’s inventory management, shipping efficiency, and customer experience. The igloo company now enjoys better stock space management, reduced shipping costs, and faster transit times for their customers, thanks to their partnership with APS Fulfillment.