Direct MarketingAs great as your customer order fulfillment may be, expanding your product fulfillment business via business-to-business (B2B) direct marketing can generate new potential for success.

The product fulfillment process is a chain. Seeing where you work best in that chain, whether warehousing, customer order fulfillment, or something else, allows you to recognize where you can best help another business in that same chain. That is where you can acquire the means to brand your business and offer it to others.

Social Links

With business-to-business direct marketing, you are creating links and networks. To build these up, you have to create direct sales and marketing campaigns to attract potential associates. This could be done via mail or through an e-mail campaign, and will require you to use your current mailing or e-mail lists, or acquire new ones from another marketing agency. The campaign needs to be focused and appeal to what prospective interested parties would like and include descriptions of what products or services you offer and how they can contact you. Remember that you are selling yourself and have to be ready with the right materials to do so.

With the Internet and the ease of current international communication, it’s also wise to perform business-to-business direct marketing internationally. To get started, you might want to attend a convention relative to your product’s industry and see what the current trends are and what developments are taking place in the industry and make contact with people from other regions. From there, you can get a perspective of what direct sales and marketing materials you need to attract international associates.

Friend Requests

In the process of building up your business-to-business relationships, certain requests might be made of you. For instance, you may be asked to take on a role that you don’t normally do, be it to ship to certain parties or market beyond your normal parameters. Determine which of these requests are doable without disrupting your regular business practices and work to ratify a solid business-to-business agreement before any transactions take place.

If you’re looking to attract new business-to-business opportunities, social media can be useful. Blogging regularly or using LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook helps show that you are constantly developing and looking to further your business’ potential in the form of creative direct marketing.

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