Old, But New

So…what’s left? Door-to-door sales? Well, people get pretty angry when you do this. Send out some fancy telegrams to rouse sudden business interest? Nope: Western Union saw an end to that almost 10 years ago, and now e-mail is the norm. Cold calling? Better check the privacy laws, as some people could get angry if you pull this stunt over their dinnertime.

It seems like a lot of business practices have fallen by the wayside or radically changed. If you’ve come from the older times, it’s a big shock when you find out that some of your practices don’t work, or even no longer exist. There’s a lot of trepidation and figuring out exactly what to use that doesn’t involve an extra year of digital marketing tutoring.

The good news is that direct marketing isn’t one of these fallen or mutated business practices. True, it has changed somewhat and been affected by the digital age, but it’s nothing you have to rack your brain over to make sure you get right.

In product fulfillment, there’s the field of direct marketing fulfillment embedded in the business itself. This practice is one that needs to be understood, but can also be applied later on to build success for your business at large. Direct marketing is still a valid and often necessary venture, but very fruitful in the end.

Covering Two Sides

Direct mail marketing in product fulfillment operates under two circumstances: for your own business and for clients that want you to do it for them. Covering both sides can help with your own business’s success.

Doing direct marketing for your own business is getting the world out via mail about your business services. This is part of your direct sales and marketing campaign where you use flyers, promotions, and brochures to make the public aware of the products you have for sale. Direct marketing often seems a bit old in the era of Internet spam or odd inbox promotions, but all too often, people delete these online messages. On the other hand, a piece of physical mail, while still having the potential for immediate garbage disposal, can bring attention by just being held in a potential client’s hand. It’s the way you build up direct marketing leads and, in the end, get cash-paying clients to commit to transactions.

Now, when a client of yours comes to you and asks you for direct marketing assistance, as a product fulfillment pro, you can provide it. You likely have previous experience in direct marketing by this point, and can go about showing them how to do a direct marketing campaign for themselves. You can tell them what times of the year to launch a campaign are optimal for client response, how to properly product direct marketing fulfillment material, and even provide them the services to produce this material themselves when they need it. You are the pro that can get them the direct marketing leads they need.

Ask the Experts

Direct marketing today is still relatively similar to the past, yet it has some digital applications, especially in terms of production and distribution. There are electronic formats that you can use to coordinate both print and electronic pathways.

Whether you’re green or seasoned, acquainting yourself with the modern practices of good direct marketing agencies is the best schooling you can do for yourself. There are loads out there, and many can provide tips or courses to you to better your direct marketing skills. In a sense, you are actually becoming like them, as once you get good at direct marketing practices for you and your business, you can create your own direct marketing agency that can assist others.

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