APSFulfillment-07-05-13So, is product fulfillment really a multitasking operation?

Most product fulfillment pros would roll their eyes and say, “Duh.” Of course product fulfillment is a multitasking job—you’re shipping products, designing promotional material, and warehousing stock among many other jobs. Multitasking is the name of the game in product fulfillment.

Since that’s the case, product fulfillment pros should take comfort in the fact that their clients trust them to complete all of these tasks the right way and that those clients will in turn compensate them for the work. Sure, it’s a tough task wrangling all of those jobs into one professional corral, but when you assume a professional stance to execute these jobs like no one else, you can build a distinctly positive reputation.

One way that product fulfillment pros can take advantage of this philosophy and practice is through kitting services.

All Together

There are a lot of product fulfillment clients out there who need promotional or marketing materials put together, but they lack the resources to properly execute a good kitting venture. That’s where you come in—if you have a gift for multitasking, kitting services are the right venture for you to get in on.

It should be noted that kitting services do require the right factory-like production line to make sure kits for your clients are assembled correctly. Often times, this means you have to augment your existing operations with new ones for kitting assembly purposes. It can be a lot of extra work, but, after some guidance, it’s not so hard to accomplish.

Parts of the Whole

Kitting is made up of two parts: production and assembly. Having both of these parts integrated into your kitting services is necessary for top client satisfaction—and having them both under one roof is even better.

The production scheme means being able to produce the materials for that particular kit. These materials could be a combination of print brochures, flyers, or even large catalogs. You need to have the technology to create this material and then put it into physical formats. Assembly kitting is the next process of putting it all together. Working closely with your clients on what has to go into the kits and how the material is supposed to be put together is crucial. The clients will likely have ideas on what they want, but you might offer suggestions on how to make even better packages—appealing to both your clients and your clients’ clients. You will also need containers in which to put the kits—e.g., boxes, envelopes, or plastic wrap—so be stocked for such requests.

One more helpful addition to your kitting services for product fulfillment is getting the kits out once they are all put together. Some clients who are less experienced in product fulfillment services might turn to you to see what can be done next. Offering them some sort of shipping or postal logistics services can relieve any pressure they might be experiencing. It’s just another way you can offer great services and boost some extra successful outlets for your business simultaneously.

On the Line

Though you might dislike the whole factory assembly line analogy, it’s actually applicable in product fulfillment. Having a well-run process for assembly kitting within your product fulfillment business can boost efficiency for both kitting and other tasks that you have on the go.

In effect, kitting is even an analogy for great product fulfillment services as a whole: it’s about doing a lot of jobs, combining the results, and presenting them to the public. Being able to successfully do this will result in happy clients and a profitable and reputable business for you.

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