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Product fulfillment companies won’t be very successful if clients’ packages are damaged or lost. Too many businesses neglect the quality of packages, leading to damage to their business’ reputation.

While shipping and handling may be an unpleasant added fee, they’re a valuable aspect of product fulfillment. It needs to be taken seriously and done with care if you want your business to survive.


First of all, packaging requires three things: the necessary materials, the ability to package the items appropriately, and the methods to ship them. Other considerations stem from these three things, such as the sizes of your products, which containers to use, and what kind of assembly services you’ll need for certain products. Your business will also benefit from having proper kitting and assembly in place to perform more complex mailings. At this stage, good care is of the essence.

If you’re having others handle your package assembly, be they coworkers or a third-party fulfillment company, make sure they exercise good handling techniques, including wrapping up items before putting them into containers and sealing up cartons tightly. And if you’re using an electronic method, make sure it’s functioning properly.

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Do not also forget that your packaging should promote your product fulfillment business. Regardless of whether yours is a small operation or a large warehousing and fulfillment company that performs large-scale mail order fulfillment, make sure you take advantage of your packaging’s ability to advertise. Include catalogs, brochures, coupons, or promotions that you think the clients might like, and make sure your packages include your business’ logo, contact information, and any company websites.

Obviously, you also need to offer tracking information and insurance to clients, as well as give them the means to offer feedback, such as surveys or quality assessments. These may be the deciding factors in whether or not your shipping and handling practices improve and are well-received by clients.

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