kitting and assembly

Kitting and assembly and repackaging services are important parts of e-commerce fulfillment and are actually some the best reasons to consider a third-party logistics (3PL) company. Proper kitting services can combine different products into a single package, relabel or make changes to products that have already been packaged, and respond to special projects and demands. APS Fulfillment is an e-commerce order fulfillment company that offers expert kitting services for our Miami-area customers. We know what goes into a successful kitting and assembly team and why it pays to get a 3PL company to help with your repackaging needs.

What is It?

With any fulfillment department or business, products are stored until an order is placed. The product is then taken and shipped to the customer. Kitting is when multiple products are assembled together; for example, if a product is sold as part of a set deal with multiple options, then the shipper will need to arrange for the correct item combination to be packaged. Repackaging is used if an existing product needs to be changed somehow. Reasons where repackaging could be needed can include having to replace a part or manual due to design changes (for instance, changing a phone casing to a popular new colour) or swapping the packaging itself out if it’s found to not protect the product sufficiently.

Kitting and repacking are also useful if part of a product set needs to be changed, like updating software or replacing damaged components, but you don’t want to throw out existing stock. It enables the necessary adjustments while preserving inventory and saving money. Kitting is also used when you want to put your products into branded packaging instead of relying on the generic boxes the supplier employs.

Why Go 3PL?

Getting the best kitting and assembly services means finding a skilled 3PL company, as kitting and repackaging are naturally labor-intensive and require a large amount of storage space for all the different products and the associated combination items. It also takes a skilled and large workforce if a high volume of goods is expected. This level of manpower is also valuable to react tactically to spikes in orders from special offers or sales—exactly the kinds of events most likely to result in unique kitting demands due to special deals or promotions.

Specialized kitting services can include a variety of repackaging and assembly options: products can be assembled on pallets, in crates, shrink-wrapped, or secured in electrostatic packaging.

A Core Part of the Product

Kitting and assembly services are one of the most important parts of product fulfillment. It takes your business’ products from manufacturer-standard packaging and places them in your own personal brand container. Repackaging enables unique marketable sets and promotional flexibility while also enabling quick and cost-effective reactions if last-minute product changes are required. Taking advantage of kitting and assembly or repackaging services means getting your product delivered in your own personal and complete way.

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