order fulfillmentIn product fulfillment, failures can and will happen. While they may be impossible to predict, some are more common than others and can be easily prepared for.

Be Thorough

Many product fulfillment businesses think having an e-fulfillment service means nothing can go wrong, but the online aspects of a business are just as prone to error as the offline ones.

Speaking of digital aspects of a business, it’s wise to inspect the materials produced by your machines thoroughly to ensure those machines are functioning properly. For example, some businesses utilize kitting assembly lines, which, when defective, may put together the wrong kits regardless of their programmed instructions.

Similarly, your outsourced help should be up to snuff as well. Any digital printing company you hire must be ready to print your labels, catalogues, and newsletters correctly without fail. If you don’t make sure they maintain a standard of quality, you risk results that could even drive customers away.

Ultimately, your whole order fulfillment process should be inspected regularly, as finding even the smallest problem can be beneficial.

Damage Control

Then there’s the matter of clients. Things can go wrong on their end as well, no matter how hard you try to make them happy: they might not receive an order, or the product might be defective. If such problems occur, the customer will likely let you know immediately, especially if payment has already been processed.

Regardless of if you’re a smaller business or a large fulfillment center in Florida, this requires damage control. Outfit your order fulfillment center with protocols to deal with unhappy clients, such as free gifts, to show you are truly sorry for their trouble. Also make sure to have the extra cash and personnel on hand to deal with these sorts of issues as necessary.

Having that solid game plan for when certain problems arise will keep your product fulfillment business running smoothly and your clients satisfied.

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