same-day e-commerce fulfillmentSame-day delivery is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to get a product to the customer within 24 hours of the order being placed. It’s a growing form of e-commerce fulfillment that big players like Amazon have been investing in.

What Do Customer Think About Same Day Product Delivery?

Although all customer groups show a preference for same-day product delivery services, an overwhelming 64% of Millennials are more likely to take same-day options when available. This youth trend extends to families as well: 63% of families with children under the age of 18 lean sharply towards same-day delivery options. What this adds up to is a population that is going to grow up expecting online purchased products to reach them faster, and these preferences are going to trickle down to the next generation. Businesses are on the cusp of a new era in e-commerce fulfillment and companies that incorporate same-day delivery will be able to ride the wave instead of getting swept over.

The Challenges of Same-Day Delivery

There are, of course, obvious challenges with same-day product delivery that are not easily solved. Same-day delivery is only practical if sufficient supply and demand exists for the service to warrant its expenses. An e-commerce business needs to have distribution centers in multiple locations in order to have a chance of serving a meaningful number of customers as well. Even with cutoff times and date restrictions, there is inevitably going to be a point when it is impossible to perform same-day delivery without spectacular violations of road safety. These are challenges that require size, agility, and supply infrastructure that most small, medium, or even large businesses do not possess. Recall that eBay had to cancel its own same-day offerings because it couldn’t properly rise to the task.

Fulfillment Companies Can Partner For Progress

The most readily available solution for e-commerce businesses that lack the size to handle same-day delivery is to look to those that do. Third-party product fulfillment companies possess centralized distribution and warehousing facilities, the resources to handle large scale operations, and the delivery infrastructure to help make same-day delivery services a reality.

Since third-party fulfillment services are already valuable to e-commerce endeavors, it’s possible you may already be working with one right now. In that case, talk to your provider to see if arrangements can be made to offer same-day delivery within a certain radius of one of their facilities. Between regular delivery methods, rapid couriers, and services like FedEx and UPS, your fulfillment provider has a number of ways to make such arrangements work successfully.

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