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The Role of Supply-Chain Management in e-Commerce

e-commerce supply chain managementYou likely own a number of products—maybe even the device you are reading this article on—that were manufactured in China. As markets become intertwined on a global scale, the way customer demands are being supplied is getting redefined. Raw materials, labor, and production can be obtained from a dynamic range of sources as businesses large and small look for the lowest costs. However, getting a product made cheaply across the ocean doesn’t help unless you have a way to get it to a customer ordering from, say, New York City.

This is why supply chain management is incredibly important to the growing e-commerce sector. As production takes on a more global field, coordination and control of the flow of a company’s goods becomes all the more integral to ensuring smooth and productive operations.

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How to Manage Supply Chain Risks

Manage Supply Chain RisksFrom startups, to small operations, to large corporations; one of the common methods many businesses use to get an edge is to go global. This can involve anything from moving manufacturing to a more affordable foreign location, to actively expanding operations and sales to an international level. As the supply chain grows longer and branches grow further, increasing complexities and risks will occur that require proper management solutions to avoid harming your business.

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How to Gain Supply Chain Visibility

How to Gain Supply Chain Visibility Getting a product from point A to point B sounds so much easier than the actual reality. The truth is, gaining effective supply chain visibility takes the trust and cooperation of several partners, along with the implementation of modern technology, in order to successfully track a product from manufacturer through to the customer.

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