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Promotional Product Fulfillment & Shipping Services in Florida

Promotional Product Fulfillment & Shipping Services in FloridaPromotional Product Fulfillment

Many businesses may be surprised to know that some fulfillment companies also offer promotional product fulfillment. This means that we provide branded promotional item fulfillment to go with whatever product you ship to your customers or even your employees.

Some fulfillment companies either have a dedicated promotional products fulfillment center or partner with a promotional products company. In either case, the expectation is that they are able to carry out the selling and shipping of promotional items equally as effectively as they would their standard fulfillment services.

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How to Ship a Wedding Dress to Your Customers in Florida

How to Ship a Wedding Dress to Your Customers in FloridaWeddings are always popular and most, if not all, bridal stores have been tasked with shipping a wedding dress to a bride’s town or to a destination wedding locale. Given the importance of the dress when the big day comes around, there is a huge incentive to make sure the shipping goes off without a hitch. So, how do you ship a wedding dress successfully? Read on.

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Different Options for Shipping from Your Online Store

APSFulfillment_image_091715One of the elements common to any e-commerce web site is situations when customers will place products in their virtual shopping cart but never follow through with the transaction. There are a multitude of reasons for this behavior, but one of the largest is because they felt the shipping and handling costs were too high. Shipping and handling costs can not only cause potential purchases to be abandoned, but they can leave customers disheartened and more likely to look elsewhere in the future. This is why a key part of any successful e-commerce logistics operation is an affordable freight shipping strategy. Establishing an affordable means of shipping for your customers is a key logistics decision that will help improve your business. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to go about this.

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How to Prevent Shipping Damage

APSFulfillment_image_091415One common reason customers send products back is because they were damaged in transit. With high volumes of shipping, some degree of damage is bound to happen at least once, but that doesn’t mean these rates can’t be lowered or avoided. Understanding what can damage shipments, and how they can be remedied, is a basic step in properly running a fulfillment service.

What Causes Shipping Damage and How Can it Be Prevented?

There are numerous ways a product can be damaged in-transit. Some are more obvious than others.

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Quick Tips for Shipping Internationally

International shippingToday’s retailers have opportunities that didn’t exist decades before. Thanks to the Internet and e-commerce developments, it is possible for clients to be obtained farther nationally and, now more than ever, across international borders.

This expanded client base has obvious potential for retailers, but it also requires some serious considerations, as shipping internationally is a fulfillment job unto itself. Here are some specific tips:

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How to Improve Value Shipping in Fulfillment

Shipping FulfillmentWhile it’s true that you have to make sure your fulfillment company’s shipping methods are in top order, there’s also a need to build up your shipping as a valuable branding tool.

Whether they realize it or not, people often see shipping as an incentive for buying product, basing their buying decisions on whether they can get merchandise quickly.

But there is an art to offering “value shipping.” Here are some useful tips and techniques from the experts.

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How to Handle Damaged and Defective Products

kit assemblyProducts are always on the move, which means things will go wrong along the way. This could be a defect in its production at the factory, an organic component expiring, or damage while being shipped.

In product fulfillment, successful delivery of products is the lifeblood of a business. That’s why if a client orders something and it turns up damaged, you can bet there will be a complaint. And if that happens, it’s up to you to rectify it.

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Global Business in Product Fulfillment

logistics companiesIn product fulfillment, thinking globally is important. While some businesses might do well sticking close to home, most have to think about where else in the world is going to bring them profit.

When taking their business global, those in product fulfillment have a lot to consider. Whether dealing with product shipping fulfillment or sending and receiving products via the post, there are several things to keep track of and many aspects that require insight to be successful.

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Performing Successful Rush Jobs in Product Fulfillment

on-demand printing services

When They Need it Yesterday

If you’re a professional in this day and age, the idea of “needing it yesterday” isn’t new, to the point of being a common occurrence.

However, it’s a necessary evil to any business, and those that complain about the extra work or having to act faster often put their careers at risk. It’s true that you can’t work yourself too hard, but you have to be prepared to go that extra mile if you want to retain your customers.

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Full Speed Ahead: Good Shipping and Mailing Practices in Product Fulfillment

Good Shipping and Mailing Practices in Product Fulfillment

Very Long Journeys

You might not think it, but mail can be a pretty hot topic with people. While global conflict, inflation, and the national economy can be more commonly found in today’s daily discussions, mentioning the mail can bring on equal parts praise and vitriol from a lot of people. You might not believe it, but the post is a real issue of debate!

The discussions about mail are always the same: it’s traditional and something we prize, but it’s also often slow and expensive, and sometimes we have important pieces of communication lost within its rather complex network of operations.

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