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The Advantages of Choosing the Right Warehouse Management System

Choosing the Right Warehouse Management SystemA warehouse management system (WMS) is, at its core, a tool of optimization, automation, and integration. Although, historically, WMS have been the domain of large and complex distribution networks, this is rapidly changing. Nowadays it is easy for small and medium-sized businesses to harness the advantages of warehouse management systems to better compete in the highly competitive e-commerce marketplace.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a warehouse management system since every business will have different needs based on products, computer systems, and so on. Regardless of the type of WMS you use, however, the advantages it can bring will remain constant.

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How to Reduce Shipping Costs for Improved e-Commerce Profits

Reduce Shipping Costs for Improved e-Commerce ProfitsShipping can be a complex and costly part of e-commerce businesses. Not surprisingly, this is why shipping is often looked at when it comes time to find ways to improve savings and profitability. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce shipping costs that any e-commerce enterprise can take advantage of. Follow just some of these tips for reducing shipping costs, and you’ll begin to enjoy a more efficient and profitable business.

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The Disadvantages of Public Warehousing

The Disadvantages of Public WarehousingWhen looking for third-party warehousing solutions, your options will come in one of two types: contract or public warehousing. On the surface, the two can appear interchangeable and it can be hard to tell what public warehousing is when compared to contract options. Each is run by a third-party operation that offers storage space, better shipping rates, seasonable scalability, value added services, and so on.

The main differences arise when looking at where each warehouse type places the most focus and how this shapes its relationship with clients. Public warehouses are ostensibly meant for short-term rentals even though they can and are used by companies as a long-term logistics and fulfillment solution. Contract warehousing is designed for long-term use of both space and services. It is from this core difference that the main disadvantages of public warehousing become apparent.

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11 Ways to Make Fulfillment Easier

outsource fulfillmentYou’re likely more than busy enough running your fulfillment company; after all, today’s fulfillment companies are large, multi-channel enterprises. It’s not just about taking orders and shipping them out; it’s also about delivering quality goods to loyal customers and, above all else, sustaining a high reputation.

As such, it can be difficult to keep things running smoothly. However, there are ways to make operating a fulfillment business easier. Check them out:

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How to Have a Safer Warehouse

APSFulfillment_image_102715Your warehouse is a key part of your business. It forms the heart of your distribution center as products flow in from suppliers and out to customers. Warehouses are highly busy environments filled with heavy equipment, large boxes, heights, and forklifts. With all of these factors at play, maintaining a safe workplace is essential. Fortunately there are a number of steps that can be taken to further improve warehouse safety. With these tips, you will be able to take pride in knowing that your warehousing solutions are able to provide a secure and safe work environment.


9 Key Guidelines To Keep Your Warehouse Safe

Ensure Safe Forklift Operation

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, there are around 95,000 injuries and 100 deaths every year from forklift accidents. Common causes of accidents include improper loading, running into (and toppling) shelves, and running over other workers. Forklift safety starts, but doesn’t stop, with ensuring only properly trained and certified workers operate the vehicle. Racking systems need to be protected as well, such as by installing bumpers at the end of the aisles and being quick to replace any damaged racks.

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How Logistical Efficiency Supports Brand Marketing

How Logistical Efficiency Supports Brand MarketingYour shipping logistics processes intersect with many different elements of your business to the point where the efficiency and effectiveness of your logistics can have a very real and tangible impact on how well you market yourself. “Market” in this context, relates more to matters of public perception than direct advertising efforts—but those can be involved, too. Simply put, logistical efficiency is important for marketing because the enhancements that it brings will often directly or indirectly impact the consumer experience. Improving the former will naturally lead to gains in the latter, thus strengthening your brand.   

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What are the Benefits of Try Before You Buy Fulfillment?

What are the Benefits of Try Before You Buy Fulfillment? As e-commerce sites continue to spur the online shopping trend, more and more consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable shopping without ever visiting a physical store. One of the remaining obstacles that has kept customers attached to brick-and-mortar locations is the fact they get to interact with a product before ever making a decision on whether to purchase.

Although this is most common among fashion brands, many e-commerce retailers recognize this as a limitation. However, with the growth of try-before-you-buy online shopping, the opportunity to allow customers to interact with the product before purchase has finally become a reality.

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What to Expect From Your Fulfillment Service Provider

Fulfillment Service Provider Florida

What should you expect from your fulfillment service provider? The short answer is, it depends on what you are asking your fulfilment service provider to get done. Nowadays, fulfillment services are sophisticated enough to do much more than simply store, pick and pack products. But if that is all you require them to do—then your expectations should be quantified. However, if you are planning to use your fulfillment services as a trusted part of your operation, one that is essential to customer service and contributes to your bottom line—then you can and should expect a lot more.

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How to Overcome Common Holiday Fulfillment Challenges

Warehouse worker pushing pallet truck with cardboard boxesAlthough the weather outside can become frightful, the Christmas season means that your sales can be quite delightful. The key is ensuring that your e-commerce systems and order fulfillment operations are able to handle the increased load. Unfortunately, online retailers face a number of challenges when trying to ensure the fast and effective fulfillment of a customer’s Christmas wish.

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11 Common Mistakes Rookies Make with Direct Mail Marketing

direct mail servicesDirect mail is a tough means of marketing to master, and many fulfillment companies have burned the midnight oil trying to get their direct mail copy, graphic content, and mail packaging structure right so they appeal to audiences.

But more importantly, there are some mistakes to avoid, and doing so can save you time and money while making your business more successful.

Below are six of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid in your direct mail marketing activities, especially if you’re a rookie to the field:

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