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11 Common Mistakes Rookies Make with Direct Mail Marketing

direct mail servicesDirect mail is a tough means of marketing to master, and many fulfillment companies have burned the midnight oil trying to get their direct mail copy, graphic content, and mail packaging structure right so they appeal to audiences.

But more importantly, there are some mistakes to avoid, and doing so can save you time and money while making your business more successful.

Below are six of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid in your direct mail marketing activities, especially if you’re a rookie to the field:

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Why Logistics Efficiency is Important to Manufacturers

Logistics Efficiency is Important to ManufacturersNow more than ever, the opportunity for logistics efficiencies is present for retailers, in particular for those in e-commerce. With manufacturing steadily making its way back to North America, companies can apply a combination of technology and improved operation procedures to cut costs, improve delivery times to customers, and increase margins on overall profitability.

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How to Avoid the Warehouse Bottleneck

two workers in uniforms in warehouseWhen talking about production flow, “bottlenecking” refers to certain points where everything slows down compared to the activity that preceded it. A simple example would be a conveyor belt that delivers products down to where packers box and ship them. If the conveyor belt delivers more product than the packers can handle, the result is a bottleneck as everything slows down to match the speed of the packers. In terms of warehouse efficiency, bottlenecks are highly undesirable and impact productivity and morale.

Causes of Bottlenecks

A bottleneck happens whenever a given point on the chain can’t handle the volume flowing into it. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but there are some more common culprits that can be pointed to.

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The Effects that Rising Shipping Rates Will Have on e-Commerce in 2017

Effects that Rising Shipping Rates Will Have on e-Commerce in 2017Every year sees rising shipping costs as a result of both inflation and the shipping carriers making changes to try and optimize their profitability. On the plus side, these rate increases will help the carriers continue to grow and improve service. On the down side, you will be paying more.

What Are the Rate Increases for 2017?

All of the major shipping carriers, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, will have shipping rate increases going in to 2017. Depending on the exact service and provider, the rate increase will vary but it is generally between a 3.9% (from USPS) and 5% increase (from UPS). FedEx isn’t so much raising rates as adding additional types of surcharges to its dimensional weight structure.

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How a Fulfillment Company Can Boost Online Auction Sales

Fulfillment Company Can Boost Online Auction SalesSelling products online has become a business for many entrepreneurs. Popular auction sites such as eBay have made it possible for even the solo business person to possibly make a living through online sales. Once you take on that responsibility, however, you must be ready to fulfil customer demands—and that means order fulfillment services.

For individuals or companies with just a few employees, fulfillment services for auction sales can be difficult. Even small businesses sometimes have a hard time managing inventory with demand and figuring out a system in which they can effectively store and deliver products to their customers on time and in sound condition.

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How to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse FulfillmentManaging warehouse fulfillment requires handling labor, freight, and inventory; three pieces with numerous factors. Properly managing, storing, and shipping goods is important not just for organizational reasons, but for profiting purposes as well. Any method that can improve your warehouse’s productivity or efficiency benefits the people that ship to you and those that you ship out to. Consider these methods when looking for ways to improve warehouse fulfillment productivity.

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Same-Day and On-Time Delivery in e-Commerce Fulfillment

same-day e-commerce fulfillmentSame-day delivery is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to get a product to the customer within 24 hours of the order being placed. It’s a growing form of e-commerce fulfillment that big players like Amazon have been investing in.

What Do Customer Think About Same Day Product Delivery?

Although all customer groups show a preference for same-day product delivery services, an overwhelming 64% of Millennials are more likely to take same-day options when available. This youth trend extends to families as well: 63% of families with children under the age of 18 lean sharply towards same-day delivery options. What this adds up to is a population that is going to grow up expecting online purchased products to reach them faster, and these preferences are going to trickle down to the next generation. Businesses are on the cusp of a new era in e-commerce fulfillment and companies that incorporate same-day delivery will be able to ride the wave instead of getting swept over.

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Understanding the USPS Shipping Rate Increases for 2017

Understanding the USPS Shipping Rate Increases for 2017Back around the midpoint of October, the United States Postal Service (USPS) released its proposed postage rate increases for 2017, and a few days later the USPS also released its proposed shipping rate increases. Although these are proposals, it is prudent to assume that they will become finalized and plan accordingly unless further developments occur. These changes are expected to be put into action on or around January 22, 2017, following the end of the holiday shipping season. Obviously, how much any particular change will affect an e-commerce business will depend on the size and quantity of your average shipments.

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Top 9 Reasons to Outsource Warehousing

APSFulfillment_image_111715Warehousing solutions are important for many e-commerce businesses. They are often the only practical way to store large volumes of products and keep them ready to be shipped out to customers. The problem is that warehouses can be big, expensive, and tricky to manage for small businesses. Outsourcing your warehousing needs to another firm is the best approach in these cases since doing so enables you to get numerous benefits while keeping downsides to a minimum.

Benefits of Outsourcing Warehousing


Free Up Your Resources

Almost all businesses with a physical product have some need for storage space. Warehousing for these companies falls under “non-core” operations, which don’t directly relate to how they earn profit.

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How to Improve the e-Commerce Customer’s Shipping Experience

Improve the e-Commerce Customer's Shipping ExperienceTechnology has allowed for dramatic improvements in e-commerce business and enhancements to supply chains and logistics have improved delivery performance for the big-box retailers like Walmart and Amazon. This has caused customers to begin wanting—and in some cases, expecting—a larger number of services when they engage in e-commerce. Meeting these expectations and desires is an excellent way to improve the e-commerce shipping experience, but understanding what to do and how can be tricky. This guide will break down some of the more common expectations among the modern customer, and then offer some e-commerce shipping best practices to help you develop the best shipping solutions and fulfillment.

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